Monday, January 4, 2010

Busy Sunday

I seem to be running behind in my posts. Yesterday's was about the days after Christmas; today's is about yesterday. Give me another day or so, and I'll finally be running in real-time...
So, anyway.
I finished (finally!) plying the merino-tencel.

Spinning was on hiatus for the Christmas season. Part of it was running low on time, the other part was my (hopeless) attempt to toddler-proof my house for the visiting grandchildren. (I wasn't home when my daughter arrived with spouse and children in tow. She might have screamed "Oh my God! This place is a toddler death-trap!!" but, since I wasn't there, I can pretend it didn't happen. After a certain point, I had given up. I ran out of high places to put breakables, and since everything else I own could potentially maim a busy grandson, I finally decided we could just keep an eye on him. Four adults, one toddler. Seemed like about even odds...)

After the spinning, I got to play with my new toy!

My much-beloved mother-in-law gave me this for Christmas. With our steady flow of eggs, a pasta machine seemed like a good idea. (Pasta is a very practical way to store excess eggs. Pasta's shelf-life is much longer than an egg's!)
My first efforts were a little funky -

but I got a little better as I went along.

Madman, meanwhile, was out ice-fishing. Look at these beauties:

Northern Pike. Tasty...


Cookie said...

Gayle, it's gorgeous!


That doesn't seem like very good odds if he really is a busy toddler. ;^)


Anna M said...

Gorgeous yarn, as usual. Pike always look like snakes with fins to me.

Anonymous said...

Mmm, northern. I ate that at least once a week all through high school. Dad was a fisherman and we lived on a lake. Free food! Besides pan fried and oven fried, we also had it smoked and pickled. The latter was my favorite.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

That yarn is beautiful!

Erika said...

I'm excited for your pasta machine! I tried making pasta once, but it went... poorly.

As much pasta as I eat, and as much as I bake and have chickens, I feel like I OUGHT to be making my own pasta. Maybe a pasta machine would get me over the hump of apathy?

Laurie said...

And a good time was had by all. I think the toddler's attention is more focused than four adults combined. You didn't stand much of a chance.

And yes, the merino/tencel is beautiful. Shawl?

margene said...

Your spinning is gorgeous! Yarn that beautiful is quite an accomplishment.

Angie said...

Beautiful yarn! How much did you end up looks like a beautiful ocean of yarn.

Pasta and pike!! YUMMY. I didn't link pasta as a way to store eggs before. Thanks.