Thursday, February 26, 2009

I Spun!

I spun for 10 minutes. I've been missing the spinning bigtime - I made myself stop back in November to force myself to work on the holiday knitting - but it's been so long that I was having a hard time getting going again.
Ten minutes a day. I can do that.

Here's a closeup of the roving. The color is more true on the bobbin above, but this pic shows the lovely striations of color in this roving. I was at the LYS a while back and spied this on the shelf. I only picked it up to look closer at the color. I swear. Seriously. But when the time came to set it back down, I couldn't make my hand open to release it. My fingers had a will of their own - Not. Letting. Go.

So, I took it home with me. Clearly, what other choice did I have? It was either buy the roving, or amputate my hand...
I fell asleep in the middle of casting on for the thrummed mitten last night. Madman would have taken my picture if he could have found the camera. Proof that I really am trying to knit in my sleep. I finished the cast-on this morning and will be able to get a few rows in before I have to head in to work.

I haven't put up any chicken pictures lately - but here's a view from our deck out to the chicken coop. And we've had another foot of snow since this picture was taken.
I am so sick of winter...


Anna M said...

Gorgeous Roving! I can't imagine letting my wheel sit for that long, I think it would try to stab me or something *lol*

Are there chickens in there?

amy said...

I'm sick of winter, too.

That roving is a beautiful heathery blend of purple!