Saturday, October 11, 2008

World's Warmest Mittens, part 4

Flying along on the Alpaca Herringbone Mitten. Nothing like lazing on the couch with a mega-cold to get some knitting done.

I need to check the chart and make sure I haven't gone past the point where the decreases start... (Not that I've done anything like that before. Uhn-uh. Not me.)
As I'm knitting these, I'm also considering a matching hat. It would be easy to cobble the herringbone pattern into panels, with a plain brown column setting off each panel.

Would a thrummed hat be Over The Top?


Anna M said...

Nope, a thrummed hat would be fabulous and I think it would be a lovely hat as well.

Thalia said...

They are looking great! I love the colors. And a thrummed hat sounds like it would be perfect in, oh, late January, when the cold has sunk in and you need to heat up from the outside-in. :)