Thursday, January 13, 2022

How I spent my summer vacation... err... my lazy fall

 I was going to do a catch-up post, but it started looming on me like one of those elementary back-to-school assignments.  (The teachers never accepted "I sat on the couch and watched cartoons all summer.") (Even when it was true.)  The only way to make myself stop procrastinating was to just gather a few random pictures, throw them onto the blank screen, and say a word or two.

So here goes.

I seem to have come unstuck from time somewhere in August - my last pictures show a few teal/aqua blocks.  Some Antique Tiles -

and a couple of cake stands.

Around that time someone seems to have stolen my batteries, 

because I don't have any orange blocks for September to show - which is a surprise since orange is always my favorite RSC month! 

I lined up my framed stars at some point,

and cut out at least one more.

(And does anyone know what this star is really called?  I've been calling it framed star for lack of anything better.  The newsletter I got the pattern from just called it block 5 or something...)

I started sewing some of my La Passacaglia blocks together.  This is a hand-piecing project that is going pretty slowly.  

I crocheted yet another afghan, but I haven't gifted it yet, so no pictures. 

I managed to cut quite a few pieces for Bonnie Hunter's newest Mystery Quilt - Rhododendron Trail -

and got a start on sewing them together.

And I was glad that I'd held off on sewing all those neutral triangles to the HSTs when Sally pointed out the easier way.  And then I remembered when Libby taught me a magic way of ending up with a large triangle sewn to the little winged triangle units without actually sewing any triangles, and I got a start with that.

I've only finished two of these Bonnie blocks so far, but it's a beginning.

and squaring up the little hourglasses is a nice end of the day activity while I'm watching a movie or listening to an audiobook.

There'll be another mystery clue tomorrow.  I'm ready to keep plodding on my Rhododendron Trail.


Mystic Quilter said...

It's good to see you're still going with a number of projects at once and so good to read about the progress. I do like the colours you've chosen for the Bonnie Hunter Mystery, how many more weeks before the last part?

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Fun to see what you've been up to, Gayle! La Passacaglia is a big undertaking - of course it's going to go slowly, though - all that hand work. Love your colors for the BH quilt, too!

cityquilter grace said...

better late than never...nice liking the rhododendron trail a lot!

Libby in TN said...

Glad I'm good for something! I had to look twice to see what you were referring to. So smart of you to think of thatl.

Quiltdivajulie said...

So good to see your post … fun colors as always. Welcome back.

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

Well, lots & lots happening! And all so very colourful & I'm loving your Bonnie Hunter Mystery progress.

Cathy said...

Welcome back! I had visions of you diving into your orange scrap tub, rolling around, and not coming out until fall was over. At any rate you apparently have newly-charged batteries, so it’s good to see you back sewing again. xo

Cathy said...

Way better than watching cartoons!

Angie said...

Glad to see you're all charged up again! Thanks for posting the "framed square" block. I've always wanted to make that block, but didn't have a name or a pattern. After studying yours, I think I have a plan!

Chantal said...

Happy to see you again. La passacaglia is a wonderful quilt that I love but the amount of work is ... daunting. So, I'll just watch your progress and Oh! and Ah! you along. What you got so far is so lovely. I don't know the name of that "framed star" but it sure looks good. The mystery blocks look good too. Enjoy! ;^)

The Joyful Quilter said...

For someone with missing batteries, you did a decent job of this "classroom assignment" post, Gayle. Thanks for sharing some photos with us. You made some really wonderful blocks!

Dorothy said...

I've missed you. Hope you found all of your batteries

Ann said...

You have so many projects going. Hopefully this post helps put them in order for you.

MissPat said...

Hi, stranger,
I've been entranced by La Passacaglia, but know at my age, I'd never get it done and don't want to spend all that money on EPP papers I'd never use. I'll just admired yours. And now you'll have to going on Rhododendron Trail as the finish has been revealed. Or not, there's always squirrels pushing their way in.

Sally Trude said...

I won’t complain about you sneaking a post while I wasn’t looking. And the best reason you should blog more is that I could have avoided the large triangles. Think of all the time I lost when I could have spent them with my loved ones…open window, close window, open window, close window….And yes…take more pictures, then load them up and write whatever comes to mind. it makes us happy.