Thursday, January 5, 2017

En Provence, now with more chickens

(Note to self:  Remember that writing posts in your head is not the same thing as putting up a post on the blog.)

So Bonnie Hunter gave us the Big Reveal for En Provence, and I'll admit that I never saw this setting coming.   I hurried through a few of the final components and voila -

a trial layout.  I've substituted blues for greens, and I'm hoping they'll show up against the purples in the final quilt.  They do look a bit bluer in real life than they do in this photo.  I've also substituted orange for the magenta, and I like that just fine.
I'm not completely convinced about the yellow yet, though.  Maybe a pale orange instead?  A combination of yellow and orange?  A more orange-y yellow?
I'm going to play around some more with that as I make more bits.  (I'm not even at the halfway point for any of these parts.  Plenty of time to dither while I sew.)

While I was wiffling through my computer files for a pattern that I wanted to send my daughter (I download ALL the free patterns I find, whether I think I'll make them or not.  Acquisition is my middle name...), I found a pattern that I'd wanted to do for RSC last year, but had completely forgotten about.
It's a foundation paper-pieced pattern, which is a technique I've been wanting to practice more, so I decided to give it a try.  Unfortunately, our printer is on the blink right now, so I had no way to print it out.  I ended up putting a piece of paper up against the monitor and physically tracing the lines. 
(Whatever it takes, ya know?  Let nothing stand in the way between me and my quilt block.)
I then traced the pattern off onto freezer paper -

and then darkened the lines (in order to make them more visible), flipped the patterns over, and traced another set onto freezer paper, so I would have a set that was a mirror image.

And I tried it out.

And I liked it so much, I tried it facing the other way.

And the best part about using templates from freezer paper?  I can re-use them.  Next time I want a chicken, I'm ready to go, whether the printer is good to go or not.

(The pattern is from here, along with a bunch of other wonderful chicken patterns.  Cluck!)


Sue SA said...

Great chooks, what a great idea for RSC, thanks for the link.

Robin said...

Nice job! I'm glad it all worked out. I like the blue you have chosen for your quilt. I look forward to seeing what fabric you choose to replace the yellow.

Chantal L. said...

I haven't laid out my units yet for the Bonnie's Mystery block but every where I look I am not enamoured with the yellow. You took a very good picture of your block as the purple does come out purple on my monitor. (My pictures always turn blue.) Yet again, I think the yellow is kind of stealing the show a little. Maybe when all is put together with the orange units it will sing a different tune. Enjoy the dithering.
I am guilty too of tracing something directly on the monitor's screen, lol. When there's a will, there's a way! Love your chickens! Thanks for the link, I just might hatch some right here in my basement! Whoowhoo! ;^)

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

This is looking great, and quite involved! Maybe a soft yellow or peach could work with those other stronger colours? Am sure you will enjoy playing!

Cathy said...

We made some of those chickens last month at Block Lotto enlarged to 120%. I hate paper piecing and was looking at a way to just piece them since I need more for my Block Lotto Old MacDonald Sampler. And I just plain wanted a chicken block to make over and over again so I can finish my little Red Hen quilt. I don't like the little red hens I used. (But I only had 3 blocks and I think I used those in potholders so I guess I don't have a Little Red Hen quilt UFO after all. I was waiting for Sally to get around to chickens and other barnyard animals, I guess, in order to carry on. )

I would not be able to change colors out on a mystery quilt so I think you were brave to do so! And with BH mysteries and all those little parts I would have to stick with my substitutes because I would be too lazy to make more of something I already made! Good luck to you!

Quiltdivajulie said...

Those are the same chickens I made for my Rise and Roost OMMS project - great pattern! Go for your instinct with the mystery quilt (I agree that the yellow looks a tad anemic - perhaps a more golden yellow?)

Wanderingcatstudio said...

I started looking at chicken blocks last night while trying to decide what to do with my piggy. I saw those chickens and totally love them!!! (though I think they may be a bit beyond me yet..) and of course chickens send me down the rabbit hole of bunnies, and barns and sunflowers... (my train of thought goes off the rails a little sometimes...)

Shasta Matova said...

I tend to trace over the monitor quite a bit, especially for applique. Too lazy to reach over and turn the printer on, I suppose. Your chickens are cute. I like the yellow and the blue, but I'm sure you will find a beautiful yellow substitute that will suit your needs better.

Mystic Quilter said...

Oh thank goodness you hadn't sewn everything together!! I thinks that's why I have never taken part in a Mystery Quilt, I worry about what they final layout is going to go and whether I had chosen the best colours. Think I much be a chicken!! Love your two

SandraC said...

I predict the chickens will be your new "piggys" this year!

MissPat said...

I didn't like the 3.5" yellow squares in the final purple block either. I thought they jumped out too much in Bonnie's quilt. So I'm going with a paler yellow that has touches of purple in it and using it as a constant. It may not have enough constrast with the neutals though. I kept the yellows in the houglass units. I've only put one block together and laid some sashing next to it, but I'm not enamored of the whole thing so this may very well get set aside. Don't know what to do with all the units I've already made, but this is definitely the last Bonnie mystery I'm doing. They're just too busy and time consuming.
Have fun with the chickens.

Magpie Sue said...

Oh dear, more critters. (Do chickens count as critters?) It will be fun to watch your flock grow. I think I'd swap out those yellow squares but I can't advise as to what other color would look best. And you have no idea how many blog posts have been written in my head but never made it to the computer!

Sally Trude said...

The yellow squares are nice in that they are the complement to purple...but I'm wondering if maybe the fabric reads too much like a solid.

I've changed my mind back and forth with En Provence and think I will be picking out and going back to the original. Oh well.

For paper piecing I like to use deli wrap paper because I can see through it and its light weight. It folds back easily and is easy to rip away. But I have to hide it from Molly because she likes to rip it straight out of the box.

I think I started on a chicken block but I don't remember what happened. Maybe I'll go check around...

OPQuilt said...

I downloaded them immediately because I don't TRUST the internet to have it ready for me when I want it. Thanks for the links. I'm not a huge fan of paper piecing (foundation piecing?) because I always make the pieces the wrong size and only find this out after I have sewn them on. One day I know I'll have this skill licked. I like to use vellum because it is slightly see-through, folds well, and rips out like a charm.

Thanks for a fun discussion of En Provence. I'm only halfway there in the sewing/cutting.

Angie said...

Cute pattern - I'm glad I'm not feeling up for a paper-piecing challenge, or I might find myself with another RSC UFO! I'll look forward to seeing your blocks unfold over the year.

Kate said...

I went with blue and pink rather than the purple and green. I'm using background fabric rather than the yellow, it was a bit strong with my other colors. You've got time to work out which color works for you. Love your new RSC block. Looking forward to seeing your flock grow this year.