Wednesday, March 16, 2016

I'm only checking for the UPS guy once every 10 minutes or so...

Quick post while I'm waiting for the new computer.
Twinkle has all the pieced borders attached, and I laid it out to measure for the outer borders.  I like to measure each edge and through the center, hoping that the three measurements will end up within shouting distance, for both height and width.   I was quite gratified to find that there was only a 1/4" variation between them, which is close enough for anybody's galloping horse.

Next I'll be holding my breath while I cut the final borders and get them stitched on.
Which means I had to run for the top I'm going to machine quilt first as a practice piece for the Big One.
Anyone remember this?

Yay, Garden Party!

A nice orange border,

and a flashy flowery orange back.

Nothing like some nice fall colors as we lurch into spring!

And I finished the center medallion for the 365 Challenge quilt - here it is at midpoint,

and all put together.

That's an 18" block, which just seems tent-like when you consider my usual scale.  It sure felt huge as I was sewing that last set of pieces around the outside.

(By the way, I've checked three times for the UPS guy while typing this and loading pictures.  Not yet...)

I didn't get any other piecing done, what with wrestling giant blocks and endlessly long borders, but I'm still plugging along through this book looking for the actual name for some of the blocks I'm making for the RSC. 

It's an interesting book, but weirdly organized.  The blocks are divided into categories like 'square', 'diamond', and 'circle', with each category filled with every block that could be said to have a square, diamond, or circle anywhere in it.

To me, categories like 'four-patch' or '60degree triangle' would be more useful and easier to search, but this is the book I have, so I continue thumbing through a dozen or two pages whenever I have an idle moment.
The problem, of course, is the problem I have thumbing through any collection of quilt blocks.

Wouldn't all three of those make great scrap quilts?  I certainly need more ideas, right?


Remnant Quilter Kimberly said...

There's a bundle of Garden Party blocks on my shelf needing final steps attention; thanks for the reminder. Mine is red, so maybe by Christmas. The other day I was expecting squishy USPS mail, constantly checking the porch for a box. Finally at 4pm I intercept the mailman at the driveway to save him a walk ... my goodies had fit in the mailbox at 8 that morning, he said. I could have been fondling new fabric all day long!

Sue SA said...

Ha, ha, I agree, I get so distracted if I start looking at a magazine or pinterest while working on a quilt - then I cannot stop thinking about the next new one I want to start!

Scrap and quilts said...

Yay! I love your Garden Party. So nice to see it again. Your medallion is gorgeous. Those colours are really nice. I was all happy to have finished the Feb 17 block when I realized we are March 17 already. Darn!! Still a month behind lol. Oh well. Looking at books or magazine is always fun but it fills one head with everything else but the project at hand. lol. Not that easy to clean the browser in our brains. Enjoy! ;^)