Sunday, June 7, 2009


Busy day - we got the rest of the garden in, except for the rest of the tomatoes that AnnaMarie gave me. The full moon is tonight, and I don't really trust it not to frost, no matter what the weatherman is telling us. Those tomatoes will be going outside the hoophouse, and I'm just not going to take the chance of losing them.
We got the leek plants planted (they could have gone in earlier, but we got behind), plus 3 kinds of dried beans (Vt cranberry, an odd soldier bean that turned up in our cranberry beans year before last, and a new one (to us) from a friend of ours that her family has always called Jean's Bean - it looks like a form of Jacob's Cattle - very pretty bean), beets, another planting of lettuces, winter squash, and corn.
Our peas are doing well, as well as our onions (red and yellow.) Yellow and green beans are already in but not coming up yet. (And I'm still waiting for spinach, lettuce, and swiss chard. I've planted them twice already, but germination has been terrible, and they get 1/2 inch tall and stall.)
Here's a picture of the inside of the hoophouse that Madman took a few days ago. We're still getting used to the new smaller size. Not nearly room enough for all the tomatoes and peppers we like to grow. Tomatoes are in the central bed, with peppers in the beds to right and left. There's a central beam that we'll be running strings over. to support the tomatoes as they grow up.

So after all the hurry up, now it's time to wait.

And just because I haven't posted a chick-pic in a while - here's a shot of the tubs of chicks side by side. The tub on the left has our Buff Orpingtons and Rhode Island Reds, the one on the right is the Cornish Crosses. The Orps and the Cornish are the same age, but the Cornish are half-again as big as the Orps. These birds have been developed to be eating machines, and grow fast. They'll be fully grown in half the time of the others.


Laurie said...

Busy! I like the hoop house.

Bobbie Wallace said...

I grew up on a farm in the Ozark Mountains; your pictures of hoophouses and chicks in tubs reminds me of that time and makes me envious!

You should find that monthly spinning group and join! It is such a joy to spend a few hours with friends I only see once a month. Our day in the park was a wonderful way to spend Sunday morning, even including the lady who thought we were quilting. Isn't it amazing what some people think they know?

Leigh said...

Oooo - you'll have to tell me more about your beans, especially the Vermont Cranberry . What coloring does Jean's Bean have?
You guys sure play it safe - our tender stuff is all out there naked, except for some melons in cloches... Are you in a frost pocket?