Monday, February 11, 2008

Holy crap!

I got comments!
Holy crap! This is Exciting! and Scary! and Wonderful! and Scary!

I signed in today to post, and was absolutely flabberghasted to see that I had comments. Actual people had read my blog. I got so excited that I jumped up and paced from one end of the house to the other. Then I did it again. I came back to the computer and checked to make sure I hadn't imagined it. Still there. I paced some more. I went and woke up the cat to tell her. She just gave me her patented "So?" look and went back to sleep. I put on my boots and coat and hat and gloves and scarf and went out and told the chickens.

Some of them were excited for me:I'm still so hyper I can barely breath. Or sit still long enough to type...

I'm by nature a very shy person. My goal in starting the blog was to try to overcome that (even a little) and to connect with people who share my interests. I'm still getting the hang of this posting thing, and didn't really expect to be read so soon. (I haven't even told my mother...)
I was talking to my oldest daughter on the phone the other day. She lives in Florida (she grew up in Vermont, but left for warmer climes long ago) and we were comparing notes about our respective weathers. I was griping about snow and mentioned in passing that I had started a blog, and had just put up a post titled "Winter Wonderland, my ass." She just laughed - didn't ask me for a link. I know she knows that I'll send her the link when I'm ready.

She also told me that any time I want to 'escape,' I'm welcome to come down and spend a month with them.
Me: If I had anyone to take care of the chickens, I'd be in my car and on my way. I'll have to bring the chickens with me. A 20-hr drive with a carload of chickens - how bad could that be?
Her: Um. I don't think we're allowed to have chickens in our neighborhood.
Me: They'd just be visiting. Not actually living there. If anyone gives you a hard time, you just put on a weary expression and say "It's my mother, what can I do?" A little eye-rolling would be good, too.
Her: Well, um. Maybe.

And for the record? We've had another foot of snow since my last post.


zoom said...

Ha ha, I remember my first comment fondly. I reacted *exactly* like you did. (Only I didn't tell the chickens.)

Kerry said...

I'd look after your chickens for you, but I'd need a passport. I tell you, part of the reason my husband agreed to us getting the chickens is because Halifax tried to get rid of a woman's chickens. Most municipalities are starting to allow chickens because they make good urban environmental sense. Ours allows 4 per household. So maybe your flock could go with you and get divided up between your daughter's neighbours for the visit :-)