Saturday, January 12, 2008

World's warmest mittens

I made Elliphantom's wonderful Herringbone Mittens as a Christmas gift for my husband - with one major change... Notice how plump the mitten looks?

I thrummed it...

I'd been reading about thrummed mittens all over the place, but all of them seemed to be just rows of "dots" with the thrums showing up like the lice pattern in Scandinavian knitting. I wanted something a little more interesting to knit, so I add thrums to the charts, and came up with these.
I think they'll be the warmest mittens, ever. There's the warmth of the two-color knitting, plus all that fleece. Since Madman works outdoors a lot, warm is the way to go.

(And woohoo! Looks like I got the photos in the right place, and maybe the link will even work!!)

Update: I'm now working on another pair of these mittens - see my October '08 posts...

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