Sunday, January 24, 2016

This one's for The Kat!

My dear friend kmkat has been waiting patiently (and waiting and waiting and waiting some more) for me to do a knitting post.  Because I love her dearly and because it's totally her fault anyway (check the third link), here it is.
I saw these mitts and fell madly in love.  Gotta have 'em.  Just gotta.
Of course, I had to modify the pattern right off the bat.  Because that's what I do.  Why do anything the easy way when I can complicate it?
My preferred cast on for starting with a k1p1 ribbing is a tubular cast on.  I work it flat for the first couple of rows (and here I've cast on with contrasting color 2, just for grins)

and then when I'm ready to join to knit in the round, I don't have to worry about twisting my work because it's so honkin' obvious if I do.  Hurray for no twist!  (Been there, done that, got a dozen t-shirts.)

I'm not really very far yet, but words have appeared.  The Labyrinth itself will be starting on the next row.

And I've got the perfect thing to watch while I knit.

Amazon had it on sale.  I had a gift certificate.  My old copy of this movie currently lives with one of my daughters.  My path was obvious - not labyrinthine at all...


LA Paylor said...

those look complicated. I knit socks and start with a K1P1 too. I just cast on with the little tent of yarn way, I don't know what a tubular cast on is... I would like to make a simple pair of mitts... can't you do it with two double needles instead of four dpn? LeeAnna

kmkat said...

Yay, knitting! And I can take the credit for linking to the mitts, yay, me! But you never knit the easy things, do you? ;-)

Cathy said...

Oh, gosh. I haven't picked up knitting needles since I was about 17 years old and made a couple of sweaters. And I think I saw Labryinth back when drive-ins existed. And I think I fell asleep.

Thanks for the memories.