Sunday, September 6, 2015

Psst: Real Pigs Aren't Pink

The other day I posted a picture of a test block I made

and mentioned that I wasn't spending as much time sewing as planned.
Here's a reason for both -


This little guy is the sole survivor of a litter from a Very Bad Mama. 

Most mama pigs settle right down to the family thing.  "Look at my babies!  My babies are the best babies!  Time for breakfast, babies!  And then naptime and then second breakfast."  This particular mama pig was more "What are these THINGS and why do they keep bothering me?"
So we finally had to give up on her,and step in and try to rescue them, but for most it was already too late. 
This little guy managed to make it and is now thriving.  He's a week old and we've stopped holding our breath.
He's even gotten big and strong enough to leave his tub in the woodroom for an outing on the porch.
The first thing he did was climb up a step, much to my surprise.  The last little piglet we'd raised like this didn't figure out steps until he was a month old.

After a glance back down, he proceeded to go up all the steps and was headed for the driveway.  This is a pretty bold move for someone who's only half the size of a sack of sugar.
I scrambled and grabbed him before he could get himself headed for town (I'm sure that was his plan) and blocked the steps so he couldn't pull that again.
Here's a photo taken just before he untied my shoe.  (An ever-popular pastime for piglets.)

The day before, I'd tried to get him interested in tussling  since he's now old enough to start that pastime as well.  (There's a discussion of tussling here)  But, nope, I'd guessed wrong.   His reaction had been "What are you doooooinnnng?!?  Stop thaaaaat..."  So I figured we'd try again at a later date.  Since he has no playmates, and pigs don't do well alone, I try to keep him engaged and socialized.
So I sat in the rocking chair with my Kindle while he explored the porch.  Pretty soon I felt a nudging at my foot.

I gently nudged back.

And he figured out tussling.  What fun!  He wore himself out sumo wrestling my foot and was ready for a good long nap when it was back to the tub.

So pigs.  Big interest in pigs around here.

But pigs aren't pink.

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Anonymous said...

Some pigs are pink. And some are black and white. And brown and probably purple in some faraway place.

Sumo wrestling is currently very popular with two of our dogs. It is kind of a drag when they start it on the bed at 6am.