Sunday, April 12, 2015

At least I don't need to glue it.

I seem to have broken the card reader for my computer, so no pictures for a while.  I was so focused on not putting the card in backwards that I managed to put it in upside down.  Apparently this has a bad effect on the various electronic bits inside, as it is so broken that it won't even let the computer boot up if it's plugged in.  Thorough is me, I guess.
And I was so excited about the pictures on the card!  I got hooked on Pinterest (Did anyone ever
tellwarn me about Pinterest?  Like how wonderful it is?  Like what a timesuck it is?), which led to me looking at a lot of pictures of quilts, which led to me looking at a lot of blogs about quilts (and my feedly is now fatter, because you know how much I love a good timesuck), which led to me missing quilting a lot, since it's been a long time.
So, thanks to wonderful folks like Bonnie Hunter and a bunch of others, I dug out a bunch of fabric, bought a couple of new tools, and made a bunch of progress on an old project that has been bogged down for far too long.

As I mentioned, my access to my camera is kaput, so this is part of the pattern image.  (The quilt is called Starry Nine Patch and is just gorgeous, but the pattern doesn't seem to be available any more.)  The things I like best about it are that it looks fabulous in lots and lots of colors (scrap happy!), it uses lots of 9-patches (which are my favorite block!), and there are stars and stars and stars everywhere you look.
While I was working on the cutting and sewing, I took lots and lots of photos of the process.  Unfortunately, all those photos are stuck in that itty bitty SD card, and will remain so until I can get to town and buy a new reader.  *sigh*
But all the sewing doesn't mean I've abandoned the knitting!  I've also been plugging away at my vest and am in the home stretch.
Which of course means that I may or may not have printed out the pattern for this

as my next project.
In red.
Because I've always wanted a red cabled sweater.
Red.  Oh, yeah...


Judy said...

Can't wait until you get to post pictures of your quilt. Looks like it would be fairly easy to set together after you figured out your fabric placement.

A red cabled sweater? Oh yes, go for it.

Missouristar said...

Both are beautiful projects!

Wind said...

Gorgeous projects!