Monday, April 16, 2012

Onyx is behaving oddly, even for Onyx...

When I went out to feed the sheep this morning, I came up one short.  While Goldie, Merlin, and Orion were happily munching on hay, I went and peeked into their shelter and found Onyx standing with her face in the corner.  She didn't even come out for grain until the others had pretty much finished it off.  I hand-fed her a little, then she retreated to the shelter again.
Now given that she'd rather stand outdoors through every kind of weather than go inside, and that she's never missed a meal in her life, I'd call that downright odd.
No lamb yet, but she's got the beginnings of a crazed look in her eye...
I'll keep checking on her today.  And tomorrow.  And for however long it takes.

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