Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I wish I had something interesting to report.

But, I don't.
I'm still washing and carding Goldie's fleece, little by little. I wash three or four batches at a time, defining a 'batch' as about what I can stretch out on a 12x12 wire mesh screen - thick enough to be worthwhile but thin enough to dry in a timely fashion.
I've got enough bumps carded now to fill a good-sized trash bag, and I'm only about halfway through the fleece. Once I start spinning, I know it's going to be agonizing to have to stop and wash and card again, so I'm trying to exercise a little self-discipline and prep the whole fleece. Or at least as much of the fleece as I can bear to put off the spinning for. (It's getting really hard. I had to hide my wheel in another room, to keep from starting the spinning. Hard, I tell ya. Hard.)
I'm picking out heaps and heaps of VM. (All I can say is, Goldie is a very nice sheep, as sheep go, but she's at heart a filthy beast. I don't even want to think about what she spends her time rolling in...) I pull out what I can as I wash it. At first I was telling myself that by doing that, I was saving time later on, but then I realized that pulling out 89 bits of hay was the same amount of effort, whether now or later. 89 bits is 89 bits. Finally, I comforted myself with "Anything I see now is something I don't have to hunt later" and then it all made sense.
Maplewing carries on. A bit larger than the last photo, but one puddle of unblocked lace looks pretty much like another puddle of unblocked lace.
We're eating salad out of the garden, now - the lettuce has started to catch up with the spinach, so there's a little more variety. Radishes and homemade croutons for a little texture, and life is good.
And if I can ever remember to buy new batteries for the camera (just because an item goes on the shopping list is no guarantee that I'll actually find it in the shopping bag when I get home...) I'll try again for some pictures.
At least with an all-text post, you can get in a little extra knitting before you have to nudge the mouse.


Diane said...

Gee, I don't know, that seems kind of interesting to me: knitting, spinning and gardening; it's all good.

Bullwinkle said...

Nope nothing like my lack of posting ... really, I don't have spinning or sheep to occupy my time. Such a slacker ;)

I think The Harlot preps a batch and spins and preps and spins. And I can't understand how that could work. I'd want to focus. (Ha! Listen to me: focus. Ha!)

I'm going to drink coffee now.

Laurie said...

I've been combing six pounds of alpaca for two years.

Just keep carding. Srsly.

Pat said...

I HAD to try spinning mine - just enough for a pair of mittens....now I'm going to finish prepping all of it before I spin more - will try to be disciplined like you!

Joansie said...

Life is good at your house. Enjoy the garden!!! I wish I still had a garden but life got in the way.