Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My camera and I are having a difference of opinion

I think it should take pictures of things I want to take pictures of. It thinks it doesn't necessarily have to do that.
I think it's in a snit because I forgot to use it at NH S&W.
Or not.
I'm getting a lot of redscreens with "Error saving image" messages.
And it's not helping that my rechargeable batteries are becoming increasingly reluctant to hold a charge.

I went out in the drizzle today, and took many many (many) pictures, and here's all I got...

I wanted a good picture of Goldie, because we think she might actually be with lamb. She's getting that mid-pregnancy "dumpy" look. (I remember it well...)
But I had a hard time getting a shot. If I had a good one lined up, she shifted around before the shutter could go off. Or I got one of those damned redscreens.
I threw some treats on the ground, hoping to distract the younger set - which mostly worked, they being as distractable as you could hope - but Goldie wouldn't turn. (Well, at least not for this one.)
Another time I had a good view, but Merlin popped in at the last minute...

This one was the only other shot that came out - and it sort of shows what I'm talking about.

Yeah, I'd say dumpy.

And as long as I was walking around in the drizzle anyway, I tried for a few shots of the chickens. This is the meat bird's yard - our little RIR hatchlings are back in with them, now that there's so much more room.

These chickens are taking turns having a dust bath. Unfortunately, since it's been raining, it's really a mud bath. They're really not smart enough to know the difference. (The leftmost bird is actively rolling and scratching. The one on the right is pretty muddy. The one in the middle seems to be patiently waiting her turn.)

And, oh yeah, I knit, too. Maplewing is still in progress. At least the rows are going faster now, as the decreases really start to add up.

I'm counting on the magic of blocking...


Cookie said...

I hope the camera starts to behave soon. Dumpy? Yeah, I know that feeling, but I am not with lamb, thank you very much.

No one ever said chickens were smart. ;^)


Dorothy said...

Yes, I also hope "dumpy" doesn't always translate into "with child". I love blocking lace - it's about as close to magic as you can get with knitting. So I think Maplewing will not disappoint!

Diane said...

I forgot you were doing Maplewing in that great orange color. It's going to be lovely.

You'll know Goldie's with lamb if you find her knitting little booties. Isn't that the way it works?

Laurie said...

Of course the lace will transform in a magical fashion. Trust me.

My captcha said she was with lamb. I have no doubts.

Bullwinkle said...

There is nothing quite like a puddle of lace knitting ... such contained excitement :)

Love the sheep. (Hey, if your camera were behaving, the sheep would not have - it's some kind of rule.)

Joansie said...

Who wants to carry a camera around at a sheep and wool festival? Too much weight when you could be carrying yarn purchases instead or roving or whatever! :>)

Two Cables and a Frapp said...

Ooooo, I love the color you've chosen for the Maplewing. Very pretty !!!

Sounds like she's with lamb to me !

kmkat said...

Electronic gadgets sometimes act weird when the batteries are not at sufficient charge. Try replacing your batteries -- maybe that will teach your camera some manners.