Sunday, March 28, 2010

Still skewing around

Hey, look! Skew really does have a heel! I'm just past the magic origami row that makes this look like this:(Warning - there is Kitchenering involved. Not much, but it's sort of a surprise in the middle of a heel...)

Speaking of socks, my traveling sock is getting a lot of attention. I'm currently training in another store (One more week to go! Yay!!) which involves a 40 minute commute each way. Madman has been driving me (Will the car issues never end?) so I have time to drink my coffee and get a little knitting done.

I've got about another 1.5" to go before starting toe shaping. If I stay on task, I could have a brand spanky new pair of purple socks in no time. (Stop laughing. It could happen. Srsly.)

And here's that Cabled Coat that I keep claiming to be working on. See? Seaming in progress. I'm not exactly setting a land-speed record, but at least all the pieces are connected now. If it's cold this year for NH S&W (which is entirely possible, given the eccentricities of our weather up here) I'm going to wear it.

Whether it's done or not...


Bullwinkle said...

1) I read "still stewing around" which would be me, not you.

2)At least with the car issues you get to sip coffee and knit. You could be driving. Which might make Madman happier.

3)Also, wrt seaming: properly placed, you could call it "venting".

4) I have fat fingered my word verification 4 times. The current word is "fleese". I think it knows something.

Diane said...

Love the coat. Keep going, keep going....a stitch in time keeps me from nagging. Or something like that.

Anna M said...

I am still slogging away on my handknit shawl but I'm felling no love for it anymore. I want to cast on ANYTHING else! Must find mind numbing movie on netflix and persevere.

Laurie said...

I would LOVE to see the coat pieces flapping around you. But I'm betting on a a finish.