Monday, March 29, 2010

Guess who's home from vacation?

She's back!
We buzzed up to the farm to fetch her tonight after work. After a month at the 'luxury spa' (complete with hot and cold running boyfriend), she came home all blonde and beautiful.

Merlin, our little wether, was a little confused by all the exitement. I'm sure she was carrying the smell of the ram with her. Who knows what neglected synapses were trying to fire in his poor little brain?

He kept circling her, trying to sniff her butt.And circling.
Finally she gave him The Look. You know - that "Back off, little dude, or I will thump you" look.

He came running over to me. "Mama, I'm so confused..."

We're keeping our fingers crossed that she got bred. This isn't the normal time of year for a ewe to come into season, but Shetlands can lamb a couple of times of year, so we're hopeful.
My only worry is that a lamb born in August doesn't have a lot of time to grow much of a fleece in time for winter.
I guess I could always knit it a sweater...


Cookie said...

Fingers crossed!


Dorothy said...

I love "The Look!" If that doesn't say back off, I don't know what does.

Anna M said...

I'm sure he'll be okay. I'm predicting a warm summer and loooooonnnngggg Indian Fall. He'll have time.

Tiggywinkle Knits said...

Or you can bring him in the house, a la "Where's Bee?"

Diane said...

I vote for a house lamb too, think of the blog fodder.

Laurie said...

Very funny. You read sheep minds quite well. Hoping nature is taking the proper course (And it WILL because my captcha 'word' is MOMMI.)