Saturday, February 27, 2010

Goldie's Excellent Adventure

We'd had big plans for last Wednesday, which were cancelled due to snow. Today was the make-up day. (Of course, it snowed again last night and this morning. Go figure.)

Step one was loading Goldie in the car. I'd hoped to get some pics of that, but had my hands full wrangling gates and car doors while poor Madman had his hands full of crazed sheep. (You can't reason with sheep. That 'Fight or Flight' thing? They're pretty much all about the flight. The best you can do is hang on tight and try to steer.)
"We're going where??"

"Well, why didn't you say so?"

Goldie's getting to visit an Old Flame.

His name is Apollo.
He was pretty happy, too.
Though maybe his owner should have let it be a surprise. She went out this morning to find that he had busted down the door of the Honeymoon Suite and was running amok through the barn and pasture. She finally got him shut out of the barn so she could shift around some bewildered sheep without him knocking her into next week.
So the happy reunion is put off for a bit, until she can get the pen door back on its tracks and the ram safely captured again.
Goldie, meanwhile, is renewing acquaintance with some old friends and waiting for her Big Date.

And, yes, I know - we're doing it backwards. We're having our sheep bred at lambing time. That's the way it worked out. We've never aspired to Normal...

Onyx and Merlin are currently standing at the fence, staring at the car and wondering where Goldie went, with an occasional forlorn "baa?"


Cookie said...

Woo Hoo!

It's always a good sign when they're really excited. ;^)


pacalaga said...

Poor Merlin is jealous.

Diane said...

light some candles, open the wine and queue Barry White....

Does Goldie settle down for the ride or holler the whole time she's in the car?

Erika said...

Her ears are so darling!

sophanne said...

It makes me laugh so much to see a sheep in the car.

Anna M said...

Reminds me of schlepping my girls all over hell and gone for a date. Agatha even had to fly to hers!

The things we'll do to get bebes around the place *g*

Bullwinkle said...

There are soooo many good lines for this one. Sadly, it is early and I have a cold and I've not had caffeine. (Perhaps that should read "enough caffeine" because there is an empty coffee cup beside me.)

You put a sheep in your car??? Is Goldie car-trained?? I can haul 11 dogs, but they all willing participants and trained.

Laurie said...

This and the predate report have me LOL. Sheep in a car...they need to make a movie on this one.