Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Snow Day

Today's blog-worthy activity was cancelled, due to this:

Here's the girls, standing up to their knees in new snow -

and Merlin, doing the same.

Note: I was standing in 6+ inches of fresh snow to take these pictures. And it's still coming down hard.
We'll try again this weekend.

In the meantime, I'm 20 rows into Maplewing. That doesn't sound like much, but at 522 stitches per row, that's a heap of knitting. And there's no easy purl-back rows on this sucker - every row is a pattern row. P3, YO, P10, P2tog, P3, P2togtbl, etc. Yeehaw.
No photos yet, since it looks like a giant yarn fart at this point.


Cookie said...

Holy Crap!

You live at the North Pole, don't you?

pacalaga said...

Having never seen a yarn fart before (or any type of fart really - how bad does one have to be before it's visible?) I'm thinking we ARE going to need pictures.

Anonymous said...

But if you have all that snow, you clearly are not going anywhere. More time to knit, right?

Diane said...

You're not getting off that easy: WHERE'S THE SWEATER COAT?

Sure, you cast on Maplewing and lose your finishing monogamy. For shame.

But I do feel sorry for you and all that snow.

Becky said...

I think you got the storm that hit us a few days ago. We got about the same amount of snow, too, and last night we got a few inches more. I got some of my veggie seeds the other day... I am so ready for spring.

Bullwinkle said...

Ahhhhh snow. Pretty confectionary sugar snow. Cleaning the landscape. Creating its own white noise. Ahhhhhh.

And right where it is supposed to be, damn it. Glad Mother Nature got it right this time.

p.s. bwahahahaha! my word verification is 'nonsense'.