Friday, August 21, 2009

Spin or Burst

Didn't want to burst, so I spun for a bit before I went to work today. My homegrown prep of the fiber means I end up with fuzzy yarn. (Maybe I should add a dash of hair conditioner to the final rinse? The fiber behaves like my hair - all spazzy and out of control unless I beat it into submission drown it in conditioner. Worth a try.)
I'd have pictures, but it's been all dark and gloomy today. Thunderboomers, etc. Exciting for weather, not so good for the photography.

Here's something that bothered me the other day. Two of my co-workers and I were outside on our break enjoying the rare nice weather (it was flat-out gorgeous that day! Sunshine! Balmy temperatures!) when we heard a "THUNK" noise. We looked out to the parking lot and saw that a woman in a large SUV had been backing out of a parking space and had backed directly into a truck in the next parking section over. (I won't even go into her lack of backing-up skills. She had to be a complete moron to have hit the guy.) She pulled forward until she was about 1/3 of the way back into her original parking space, got out of her vehicle, and checked her rear end. At no time did she even glance at the truck she had hit. Then she got back into her SUV and drove away.
I was flabberghasted. In her place, I would have checked the other vehicle first. And I would have taken responsibility for what I'd done.
I watched and got her license number - and get this, a personalized plate. Now there's a certain anonymity if your license plate is something like J68P90 - you could probably count on getting away with being a jerk. But if it says "DUMB-ASS" everyone is going to know it's you. (Her actual plate wasn't "DUMB-ASS", but it was distinctive. And easy to remember.)
I turned her in at the service desk.


pacalaga said...

gotta love the people who only think of themselves. i hope if the truck was damaged that the owner gets paid for it.

Anna M said...

Wow, some peoples kids. Ya gotta wonder what was so all fired important that she couldn't have at least left a note.

Are you doing a rinse of the fiber with Wool Wash or Eucalan or something? I find not rinsing that stuff totally out helps tame fiber a bit.

Laurie said...

Good for you! I HATE people who do that. HATE.

Norma said...

This is another reason why we hate people. And love them too (you -- yay you!).

Cookie said...

Try the conditioner and see if it helps. It can't really hurt, ya know?

Oh, I hate people. Even though, Norma is turning into a people lover. /sigh


Diane said...

We hates 'em.

Hurry up and get some sunshine, we want to see the pretty yarn....

Anonymous said...

Good for you, ma'm! Although dollars to doughnuts she denies the whole thing when she is confronted. Twice I have had people flat-out deny it when they rear-ended me. No significant damage, luckily.

Angie said...

I hope there were security cameras if she denies it. Good grief.

Good luck with the fiber. I have no advice since I still have a fleece waiting to be processed.