Monday, August 31, 2009

Once more, with feeling!

This summer has been hard on my knitting. Granted, I got a lot of spinning done, in fits and spurts, but the knitting has come hard.
I knit a little on the sleeves of my Cotswold sweater while sitting with my mother, but they got set aside when I got home, and I haven't been able to pick them up again yet.

I knit a square for this project right after losing Mom, because it felt right.

I had joined Summer of Socks on Rav at the beginning of summer. (It's all Cookie's fault...) Good thing the theme was Low Stress, because here's how much I got done:

In my defense, that's double-knitting, and I had a hard time wrapping my brain around it for more than a few stitches at a time. It required a lot more focus than I was capable of this summer.

The only thing I've been able to pick up and actually work on is this:

A red scarf for Norma. AnnaMarie gave me the yarn.
Here was some knitting that felt right.

(ETA: I screwed up that last post - hit enter too soon and the little devil published with just the title. Imbrium hit at that moment & commented, and I just had to leave it, after that beautiful comment...)


sophanne said...

I just read your comment on Cookie's blog post "good thing she didn't need a house cozy"

It cracked me up- thanks for the laugh and your on my "read this one" list!

pacalaga said...

sometimes the universe dictates that you should do things other than knitting. at least, that's how I'm explaining all the applique I've been doing. because when it's 108 outside, we all need an appliqued snowman.

Anna M said...

As usual I had lists longer than my arms for my summer and what little I did get done pleases me. Knitting? I am just getting back to that myself. I almost need a little chill in the air to knit and now I've got that in spades!

Norma said...

Yeah, um, knitting? What's that, again? I'm glad this mother of all bad summers is behind you. XO

Bullwinkle said...

You are not alone.

And I think we should try to keep the summer "theme" in year-round operation: LowStress

Cookie said...

People knit?


Are you sure?

Laurie said...

What is this thing about giving knitting the chance to add more stress to our life? (Must follow own advice.)

zoom said...

I love that square. And I cried when I read the note that accompanied it.