Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Doh!, Part II

So, my "Doh!" ended up being 208 yards, bringing the total to 1218 yards pre-wash. I know to expect some shrinking in the finishing process, but still, it gives me much more range for choosing a project. Eventually, I'll find the label for that gorgeous roving, bought at NH S&W last spring.
Where I went wrong is, after spinning all but the last ounce or so of roving, I plyed it all up, knowing that my bobbins of singles wouldn't come out even. (They never do. Ever.) The plying filled one bobbin, and started another. I set that second bobbin aside (and that's the "Doh!" bobbin) while I spun up the last of the roving, trying to get even amounts on two bobbins. The original plan was to continue plying on the "Doh!" bobbin, but when the time came, I apparently forgot the plan, grabbed another bobbin, and plyed up the rest of the singles.
And since 'Out of sight, out of mind' is one of my many middle names, (some others being Cleopatra and Math), the "Doh!" bobbin disappeared into some sort of black hole until I was looking around for a bobbin to continue spinning alpaca onto.

And, continuing in the "Doh!" mode, here's a photo I meant to show two days ago. And yesterday. Making it a "Double-Doh!", I suppose.

That's the cherry tomato plant growing in a 5-gallon pail on our deck.
Last spring I wanted seed for yellow pear tomatoes, but couldn't find any locally, and it was too late to mail-order anything. I did find a mixed packet of seed for yellow pear, red pear, red cherry, and yellow cherry. I started 6 seeds from the packet, hoping for a yellow pear. The healthiest seedling was planted in the bucket, the other 5 were parked in the hoophouse, waiting to go into the ground.
Yeah, they were part of the batch of tomato and pepper seedlings that froze.
So all summer, we've been watching this one survivor, hoping for yellow pear. When tomatoes finally started to form, I had to give up on pear. Round. Very Round. So the last mystery was whether they would be red cherry or yellow cherry.
Looks like yellow cherry is the winner. (The seed packet says they're SunGold.) And look how many are on that first 'hand' of tomatoes...

I'll try again for pears next year.


Norma said...

I've grown various kinds of yellow tomatoes a few years, and I just can't cozy up to them. They never taste "right" to me -- I'm sure it's all psychological, because they're not, to me, what a tomato is "supposed" to look like. I did yellow pears last year, and though they were adorable, I don't think more than three were actually eaten.

My logic is flawed, though, because I love purple Cherokees, even though they, too, are "not what a tomato is supposed to look like."


Laurie said...

Fate is a funny thing.

And Norma is funny.

Cookie said...

Woo Hoo!

Sungolds are good little producers. No clue what they taste like. I just grow them. I never eat them. *L*

Diane said...

Wow, really? Norma and Cookie?
I've been noshing away on SunGolds all summer. I love 'em. Of course we've been eating all colors of tomatoes and I'm lamenting the dying back of the SunGolds on the patio.