Saturday, August 15, 2009

Alpaca fleece!

Finally got some of the alpaca fleece washed up.
Here's the black:Lots of VM, unfortunately... These are farm critters, so there's everything from hay and cockleburrs to squirrels in there. Well, maybe not squirrels.

Here's the gray. I washed a lot more than I had planned, just because it was so beautiful. I kept dipping into the bag for another handful. I finally ended up with such a mass that it took forever to rinse.
That picture looks good, but it's much better in real life. Lots of color in there... Madman pronounced it silver. He's got his hand up for something knit in the new fleeces. (I hate to tell him, but he's in line behind my Wicked Good Stepmother, since she's the Founder of the Feast.)
Long long ago, when I asked Madman what his favorite color is, he told me "Black and Silver." When I pointed out that that was a combination, rather than a color, he looked thoughtful for a moment, then replied, "Well, it's still my favorite color." (That's my man. Ask a simple question, get a complex answer.)

Now I just have to finish plying the merino I spun for Tour de Fleece (and beyond. I know, I know, TdF has been over for, like, forever, and I'm still not done. *sigh*)
Once the bobbins are cleared, it's on to alpaca!


Anonymous said...

That silver is indeed gorgeous stuff.

Cookie said...


At least, he knows what he likes. ;^)

Diane said...

They're both beautiful fleeces, how will you prepare them for spinning, combing, carding, or something else?

Does the WGS knit or just raise the animals?