Saturday, July 4, 2009

Tour de Fleece, Day One

Last night, as I was madly trying to finish off the plying of the last of the orange laceweight, so I could clear the bobbins for the Tour de Fleece, disaster struck.

The drivestring on my wheel finally gave up the ghost. Broke. Came unstrung. Went kerputt.

"Gorgonzola!" I shouted. "Mostaciolli! Frangiapane!" (That last one surprised me, since I don't even know how to pronounce it...)

Ten thousand pounds of fiber in the house, and not a bit of string to be had.
And a holiday weekend.

I was already going to be starting behind, since I had to work 9-5 today. The original plan involved finishing the orange last night, then maybe spinning my purple for a few minutes before leaving for work, and really digging in this evening when I got home.
Instead, I bought string at the store I work at (the evil of having to work today was thus balanced by the good of a store with string being open), made a new drivestring when I got home, and finally finally finished the orange.

I ended up with 1220 yards from a smidge over 7 ounces. (Is that good? I have no idea...)

So, here I am, as usual. A day late and a dollar short.


Anna M said...

Yes Gayle, that is amazing! Lovely yarn and I like the color alot.

I wondered when that drive band would disssolve, it was looking dodgy when you left the other day *g*

Laurie said...

That is VERY good. And the yarn looks beautiful.

Cookie said...

That is incredible!

Well done!

Diane said...

I love the orange! Do you have plans for it yet?

margene said...

Your yarn is beautiful and YES that's very, very good yarndage!

amy said...

Wow, that's an impressive feat! It's gorgeous!

Tiggywinkle Knits said...

Love that orange! Very nice work, btw!

pacalaga said...


(fran-GEE-ah-pah-nay, I think)

'swhy I like the plasticy stretch bands. break + lighter = fixed