Thursday, January 15, 2009

What? My Day Off, and no Blizzard?!?

On the other hand, it was -20 when we got up this morning, and the temp climbed to almost 0 over the course of the day. And that's with no wind. Add a wind chill to a base of -20, and you get Very Scary Numbers indeed.
So I bundled up in lots and lots of layers, and headed out to the yarn shop. I held my breath as I approached the door, looking for signs saying "Closed." Nothing. A wave of relief as the door opened at my touch. The yarn was on the shelf, right where it should be - not sold out as I had dreaded. I grabbed and ran for the counter, pulling money from my pocket with glee.
Mission Accomplished! The Quest for the Holy Shepherd's Shades is over!
Now I can finish Madman's Christmas slippers. Oh Happy Day!

And, as long as I was in town, I had to hit the other yarn shop as well. I need a pair of World's Warmest Mittens, myself:

I'm not sure if the color is showing up very well - it's a deep purple. And, though I don't need anywhere near 4 ounces of roving to make the mittens, it doesn't hurt to have a little extra on hand, right?
Just in case it's snowing the next time I need roving....


Anna M said...

Oh, I love that color purple. I've got some from WEBS in their Valley Yarn Merino/Silk blend but haven't decided on a project yet.

Frankly, I'd prefer a blizzard over this freaky cold but that's more because of the girls. We've still got to do bedtime walks tonight and I'm hoping they are quick about it.

Kaberge: said...

Berge and I were trying to install a new battery terminal in his car today, and eventually had to abandon the project.

The wind up here in Burlington is SO awful, the trees are bent over and the snow that's getting picked up off the ground is falling up and sideways. I think it was only -14 here, not -20, but it was absolutely brutal. The car will have to wait.

Laurie said...

Tuck the roving around the pipes (put the roving in a bag first), and the pipes won't freeze.

Just kidding.

gayle said...

I just checked in to read comments, and saw the word verification was "goorks"
How could I pass up a verification like that?