Thursday, December 4, 2008

Annemor 10 is not kicking my ass

Well, maybe a little...
I've been working on the right-hand glove. No problems up to the point where I started knitting the fingers.
I knitted most of the index finger and found it's too tight and too short. So, I ripped it (the finger, not the whole glove...) out and will be starting it over. Part of the problem is that the little star on the front side of the finger needs 13 stitches, but the pattern only shows using 8 stitches from the body of the glove. Now, I'll admit my math skills are a little rusty, but this seems like a real head-scratcher to me...
I'd made a few increases to try to compensate, but apparently I still don't have enough stitches. And if it comes out too short again, I think I'll add a partial star to fill in the fingertip.
We'll see how it goes.

And yes, my little kitty in yesterday's post is double-pawed. This makes her 'helping' with my yarn a real disaster. The claws on the extra paw don't retract, so she has a hard time letting go.
And she loves yarn. She particularly likes bringing yarn to me. I have to keep my sewing room door closed, otherwise she drags my whole yarn stash out - taking the scenic route under the table, around the chair legs, under and over the couch - leaving a trail of yarn wherever she goes.
"Here ya go, Mama. I brought you yarn!"


AnnaMarie said...

My dogs are pretty good about the fiber stuff except anything silk. It must have a distinct odor because Taffy will chew it like a bone! Makes for a really nasty skein of yarn.

Have you thought about knitting the gloves from the fingers down? Franklin Habit is doing that and says it starts with I-Cord fingers. This intrigues me....

Laurie said...

Better than bringing you part of a mouse in triumph.

Are you supposed to cast more stitches on?

Joansie said...

Gayle, Selbuvotter has an errata sheet. Their last printing took care of all those erros in the book. I don't care how many errors they have....I love those patterns.