Monday, May 26, 2008

Still playing catch-up

Ketchup? Catsup? (sorry)

So, anyway, New Hampshire Sheep and Wool!

I loaded up my mother-in-law and my youngest daughter and we hit the road for NHS&W on the Saturday before Mother's Day. The drive was uneventful, except for the crazy-lady who started to pull into my lane without looking and came within inches of hitting us. (I was too busy screaming to even look for the horn...)
So, other that that....
We had a great time. We saw lots and lots of alpacas, with their sweet faces...

Take a close look at this noble fellow:

Now look a little closer...
and a little closer...and now look really close...

We were amused with the upside-down buck teeth... Poor guy.

And we saw lots of gorgeous little lambs...

any of which I would have been more than happy to take home with me. Sadly, Madman's last words to me as I was leaving were: "Don't bring home any sheep. " Which is what he always says when I'm off to a festival. But this year he added "Or bunnies."

Damn. I was really hoping he wouldn't mention the bunnies. I was so sure I could get away it. "You just said no sheep - you didn't say anything about no bunnies..."
The guy sees right through me, sometimes...

So, no bunnies either. Though I was sorely tempted.

What I did end up with was some Shetland roving - we're going to raise Shetlands, someday. When we get a little more acreage, that is... So it's really important that I check out Shetland fleece, right? Solely in the interests of research, right? Yeah, I thought so, too.
And I found a nice niddy noddy, which I really really needed, and some Hiya Hiya dpns in a size 00 which I really really really needed. And some more roving in a nice teal color that grabbed my arm as I walked by and begged me to buy it. So, all in all, I found treasures without spending much money (see previous references to "cheap")

The three of us had a nice picnic at lunchtime, and in between drooling on all the vendor's pretties, we watched sheepdog demos, and just strolled enjoying the day.

Good times, good company.

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kate said...

i had almost forgot about that poor alpaca with the upside-down buck teeth.

i like the tag cloud - it came out good - and your biggest tag is chickens, which amuses me to no end.