Monday, November 26, 2012

Yep. This one's gonna stick.


The sheep, shown here happily munching on hay, have a light dusting of snow on their backs.  Cuz, why would they go inside a shelter when there's a perfectly good snowstorm to stand out in?

 The ones who seemed ticked off by all the white stuff are the turkeys.  They're too young to have experienced it before, and they spent most of the day stalking around making loud "Pwweot!  Pwweot!"  noises.  Apparently this is Turkey for "WTF?"

They spent the latter part of the afternoon perched on their gate.  I think they were tired of walking in the white stuff, and why would they go inside their shelter when there's a perfectly good snowstorm to stand out in?

I think they've been taking sheep lessons.


kmkat said...

Animals, domesticated: those that have had all the survival instincts bred out of them. Still entertaining, though...

Bullwinkle said...

The one good thing Facebook has given us: the ability to 'like' someone else's comment.

Would it help you to know that one week ago I planted the garlic and transplanted the strawberries? That, today, my forsythia is blooming while at the same time the leaves have turned color??

Tomorrow I get rain, I am wishing for snow.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

No snow here yet - but they are calling for a bad winter.

I often wonder if Turkeys and sheep are the dumbest of all farm creatures - though chickens are none to bright either!

Cookie said...

Honestly, who's dumber? The Shetlands or the turkeys? I'm not surprised by any of it. None of them have the sense to come in out of the snow. Remember who you're dealing with, sweetie.

Anonymous said...

Sheep and turkeys are not known for their high IQ. As for the snow, just wait until you see the pic I'm going to post tonight from Michigan. My neighbor rocks!

Laurie said...

I thought the turkeys would be in the freezer by now. When does that happen?