Sunday, May 27, 2012

Bare Naked Sheep and Bitten Up Broccoli

Friday morning was our Annual Sheep Shearing Day.  (I admit I slept through most of the actual event.  I was scheduled for a night shift that day, and Madman graciously let me sleep in.  The only time our wonderful much-in-demand shearer could make it to our place was literally first thing in the morning, and by the time I woke up and got myself organized to head outside with the camera, the last sheep was shorn and the packing up had begun.)
Since the weather has taken a turn for the warm, the sheep seem pretty happy with their haircuts.

Though Merlin looks a little embarrassed about the nakedness.

 And Goldie is a little grumpy.  (But then again, Goldie is always a little grumpy.)

Orion looks a little...  um... top-heavy...

Here's Merlin, Goldie, and Smoke - they're watching Madman running the rototiller over in the garden.

Speaking of Smoke (and we've both taken to calling him that), here's a pic of him.  If you look really closely, you can see where the buds of his horns have started growing.  He's a hard one to get a photo of, since he's a little shy.

And I haven't been able to get a picture of Onyx at all.  Every time she sees me, she comes running over and presses her nose to the camera.  Just in case it might be food.

And the bitten up broccoli?  Madman transplanted a bunch of broccoli plants yesterday, then headed for the feedstore to pick up a few things for our menagerie.  When he got back, he found Goldie outside the fence eating grass as fast as she could go, and several of the little broccoli plants had most of their leaves chewed off.  Now, it could have been Goldie who did it, or it could have been the lambs.  We can't imagine Goldie getting out unless her lamb was already out, so we're inferring that the lambs are just as liable to be guilty as she is.
First the garlic, now the broccoli.  The lettuce is making a comeback from the mowing the little devils gave it.  And Madman has replanted the peas twice now.

Are we the only ones who provide a salad bar for sheep?


Missouristar said...

We just planted about $200 dollars worth of flower garden yesterday, only to discover that we provided a nice salad bar for the bunnies. I used to feel bad about the eagles that hunt over our yard. No more! The sheepies do link a lot more comfy. What are your plans for the fleece?

Wanderingcatstudio said...

The sheeps must be so happy to have all that wool off!

When my grandma had sheep she had a hard time keeping them out of the strawberries!

Laurie said...

I think hay would be cheaper.

Angie said...

Woooo! Sheep porn. :D yeah, that kind of a day. Animals in the garden are such a frustration!

Bullwinkle said...

Well - something has eaten the cabbage, but only the cabbage. I'd blame Dude for not wanting full sized ones, but he was with me.

Smokie is still darling.

gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

How can you deny a salad bar to such handsome freshly sheared sheep??!!