Friday, November 11, 2011

Anybody want a slightly-used skunk?

One owner. Low mileage. All the bells and whistles.
Must be picked up, as we will not deliver.

Seriously, what do we do now? Neither of us is willing to put the trap in our vehicle to haul it away. We're trying to talk someone with a truck into doing the hauling, but everyone is remarkably reluctant. (Can't imagine why.) Not to mention there's the problem of how the hell to get the trap into and out of the truck to begin with. (I'm not touching it...)
I suggested he hitch the trap to his garden tractor and drag it up to the woods.
"And what, let it out so it can just walk back down the hill to the chicken yard?"
"Of course not. You should shoot it."
He gave me That Look. (You know the one. The "Are you daft?" look.) "It'll spray and stink up everything."
"So?" (Thinking that a smelly trap wasn't necessarily a bad thing.)
"It'll spray and stink up ME."

And tomorrow is the first day of hunting season. No way is Madman going to head for the woods reeking of skunk...


Angie said...

Heh. Let me know how that turns out. LOL. I'm just surprise it isn't stinky all ready.

Judy said...

But, if he reeks of skunk, won't that cover the human smell. Which means he should be able to get closer to the deer. Right!?

So, what are you guys going to be feeding your guest?

Dorothy said...

How ever do you get yourselves into these situations? I'm sorry, but I do feel a little pity for the skunk. His situation is more dire than yours. LOL!!

kmkat said...

So he didn't like my suggestion, huh? What is he gonna do, let the poor thing starve or die of dehydration in the trap? Shooting may be the most humane thing.

Whatever course he chooses, good luck!

Drea said...

Buy tranquilizers at a pet supply store, mix it in some cat food and give it to said skunk. Then take it out into the woods to sleep it off. (Or call animal control? They picked up some raccoons and opossums that my aunt caught in a cat trap at least.)

Bullwinkle said...

If you try to drop it anywhere, you need a long circuitous route and hours of driving to confuse it's sense of direction. If it is an adult, I doubt you have the ability to do this (although driving to an animal rescue several hours away could work.)

Have you tried calling a vet/animal control for ideas?

And yes, either kill it or feed/water it. ;) Dam tough place to be but I hear they like tuna. Canned is fine.

Open the can so he/she can smell it coming - otherwise your approach will scare it too. Bring water at the same time.

invest in some tomato juice

Cookie said...

You know what I think. What did you end up doing?