Friday, September 30, 2011

Vermont Sheep and Wool

I'll be going on Sunday - anyone else?

(And for the record - still finding two or three pullets out every. single. morning. It's impossible to tell if it's the same culprits every time, as all the pullets are pretty identical looking. Short of paint-balling each of them a different color, there's no way of telling them apart. (And don't think we haven't been tempted...))


BeckyinVT said...

Oh me! I'll be there on Sunday in my bright green and purple version of the Orange Pop sweater. If you see me say hi! I should be pretty unique even for a sheep and wool festival.

Anonymous said...

I think a lovely handknit hoodie for each pullet, a different color or style for each, would be appropriate. You have nothing else to do, right?

::ducks and runs away really, really fast::

Drea said...

Get some kool-aide (or some non toxic markers) and mark the ones that come out separate colors before replacing them into the proper pen, it might tell you if it's the same offenders at least.

And Vermont Sheep and Wool, I wish I were lucky enough to live close enough that that would be an option... Have fun though!

Joansie said...

I was suppose to go yesterday but canceeled due to the rain. After being ankle deep in mud two years ago, any hint of bad weather has scared me away. Hope you had fun and tell us about your purchases.

Laurie said...

Did you have a good time? I was there mega briefly on Saturday. Rainy, fun for what I saw.