Monday, January 10, 2011

New year, new camera

Madman gave me a new camera for Christmas. Being me, I was resistant. Nothing wrong with the old camera. (Which took me two years to figure out how to use, btw.) No, no, this one is better! New features, new capabilities! (Two years, remember? That was for simple. That means my learning curve on this new camera will be at least five years. Maybe more. By which time he'll probably have bought another new camera...) (sigh) (Don't forget I'm the Luddite who wants a cell phone that only makes phone calls.)

So, I've started playing with the new camera. Here goes nothing. (I'm having nightmares of posting pictures the size of a house...)

First up, a size comparison of the eggs we've gotten lately. (The chickens have started to lay again! Yay! )
This is the largest next to the smallest. The little fella is a 'pullet pellet' - a young hen's first egg. The largest is from one of our older hens. (And makes me cringe just looking at it. Oh, that poor chicken...)

And look! I knit something! And finished it and everything!

First FO of 2011.
Yulie by Grumperina.
Yarn - Lion wool
Mods - only one. I used tubular cast-on, which is my standard start for any 1x1 ribbing.
A quick easy knit. Love the hat, love the pattern, love the spiral that is formed by the knitting. I'll probably make this again - maybe a slouchier version.

Now, off to make egg salad for lunch. (Yay!) (Remind me in a month or so, when I'm whining about "egg salad again?!?", that there was a time when I was happy about that.)


margene said...

In the beginning, we had several extra, extra large 2 yoker eggs. I felt sorry for the poor grrl! But, it seems things have evened out and all the eggs are nearly the same size. Learning a new camera takes time, but you'll be happy in the long run!

Becky said...

I am happy to report that all my phone does is make calls. It doesn't connect to the internet, I can't take pictures or receive pictures from other people's phones. Call me. My phone's not tied up doing non-phone things.

Nice eggs, BTW.

Anonymous said...

My method is to pick one feature of the camera and use it again and again until I have it nailed. Then, when I am ready -- say, a year later -- I pick another feature and practice that.

I'm wincing at the size of that egg, too.

Diane said...

Ooh, ooh, I made a Yulie too! I love it, went fast, fits great, easy pattern. All the holes means it's not the warmest hat but since I use it mostly for going from the car to the office building, it's great because it doesn't smoosh my hair.

Bullwinkle said...

"I got a phone for my convenience, not the convenience of others."

Someone smart said that. I agree. I turn all the bells and whistles off so that the phone only makes calls when I ask it to. And it takes messages.

Nice hat.

p.s. I'm on 9 mo with my fancy new camera. I am just starting to realize how much more there is to know.

Cookie said...

You'll get the hang of the camera. Just give yourself a chance.

Eggs! :D

Joansie said...

I'm a tech addict. Purchased a new camera almost two years ago and still learning. Way more features than I need! Have fun with yours.