Friday, January 21, 2011

The Joy of Living in the Deep Freeze

The temperatures for the next couple of days are predicted to be Frigid with a capital F. As in, if we want anything warmer than zero degrees, we're all going to have to go outside with flamethrowers and other incendiary devices.
Since our pipes frequently freeze when it's that cold, I've taken the precaution of filling the coffee maker with water, as well as the chickens' waterer, the sheep's bucket, and the jug for the rabbits, all ready for the morning.
Now if only I could fill the shower...


Anonymous said...

Open the cabinet doors under the sink(s) and turn on all the faucets to a trickle. You probably already know these things, but this is how we keep our pipes from freezing when the temp is below zero.

One would think that after nearly 150 years of having indoor plumbing, builders would have figured this out.

Erika said...

Oh UGH, I feel for you. I run my taps, but if it gets below 20 they will freeze right up. IT SUCKS.

Fingers crossed you won't have to bust out the baby wipes tomorrow!

Bullwinkle said...

So ... I got up this morning to sub-20 temps and thought - 'Darn it's been cold this year.'

ahem /right

Note to self: call Sister and gloat about balmy temps

Anna M said...

We did a snowblowed path to the greenhouse for the girls and hopefully I can get them to use it on the really bad mornings. I hate seeing them cry when their feet get so cold.

Joansie said...

I'm a little worried as to how cold it will be. I had my radiator fluid checked yesterday and it is good for -40 degrees. I am staying put tomorrow with hot soup, oatmeal and hot chocolate.

Stay warm and safe. We knitters can survive this weather.

Cookie said...

Holy Crap!