Monday, December 6, 2010

This one's gonna stick...

It had to happen sooner or later. I'll just try to be grateful that it's later.

That snowless streak on the driver's side of the hood is from the jug of water I'd brought out to fill the rabbits' waterdishes. I set it on the hood of the car while I carried the sheep's bucket of water up to them, and while I was gone it slithered off the hood, popped its lid, and managed to empty itself. I had to slog back and refill it.
I just love doing chores in winter.

I laugh at our two groups of chickens. The main flock hates the snow - they were all inside their coop, and judging by the evidence of a trackless yard they hadn't been out since the snow started falling. (I took a picture, but it didn't come out, and I refuse to hat-coat-boot up again just for a picture of undisturbed snow. Not even for the blog.)
The Not-Buffs, on the other hand, would rather be outdoors than in, no matter what the weather.
Here's a closer look. Please notice that two of the hens are outside the fence - the one on the left and the mostly-white one.

Stupid birds. I could have wasted the morning chasing them, catching them, and sticking them back in their pen, knowing full well that they would just hop out again as soon as my back was turned.
I didn't bother.
I have to finish knitting that black hole red scarf, after all...



Joansie said...

Yup! First day of wearing winter boots sin my part of Vermont

Bullwinkle said...

Fear not: there will be more moments of undisturbed snow for blogging pix.

I've spent a weekend telling Aurora she gets sleep wherever and with whomever she wants. (Well, the humans would not be joining her on the floor ... but all other options are open.)

I think chickens have the right to be cold.

Cookie said...

How interesting that some of the hens want to be outside. Don't worry about the two that got out. You know they'll get bored and go back into their yard.

Anonymous said...

It's that time of year. My big fat meat birds like to go outside far more then the layers. But even they stayed inside yesterday. I guess 2 feet of snow is too much for every bird...