Saturday, December 11, 2010

The scarf is a-blockin'

And mango's a-rockin'!

I finished (finished!!) the red scarf yesterday, and immediately soaked and blocked it. It's still drying, but I'm going to make the deadline, with time to spare!
I'll try to remember to get a pic before I package it up for OFA. (I forgot with last year's scarf...)

I love the color of wool I used - and I've got a sweater's-worth of it left over and a powerful yen for a red sweater. I'll set the bag next to the bag of teal wool that I'm going to use to assuage my powerful yen for a teal sweater... Of course, both of those bags are behind the bag of handspun Cotswold yarn (because I've already started a sweater with that), and the bin of Goldie yarn (which I'm dying to knit a sweater with.)

And that's just the sweaters. I may be getting a little behind...


Tiggywinkle Knits said...

A red Owls would be fabulous. Of course, so would a teal Owls. Just sayin'. ;)

My word verification is "weelman"; I wonder who he is? LOL!

Laurie said...

The story of our knitting lives! Deadlines! Packed queues! What WILL we do first?

Cookie said...

Don't forget the Niebling! ;^)

Beckyinvt said...

You know, I did the 12 sweaters in a year challenge in 2010. Assuming I can complete the yoke of the WIP before January I'll be able to say I SUCCESSFULLY completed the challenge too!

Anyway, it was actually a lot of fun and I kinda recommend it. It got me through a number of patterns I've wanted for awhile, helped with those sweater quantities in stash, and was all in all a very good time :-D

Bullwinkle said...

... hi ho the merry-oh,
to the post office we go.

(Hey, I may have finished knitting last week but I am not foolish enough to go the post office two Saturday's before Christmas. Today/lunch will do.)