Thursday, December 2, 2010

Music for my ears

Madman and I have many lively arguments discussions about music. He's a trained musician, and I'm a simple plebeian. While we have some common ground (Phish, Bela Fleck, several others), our tastes widely diverge. I yawn over some of his choices, and Gogol Bordello and the DropKick Murphys set his teeth on edge.
But one thing we both love is all things a cappella. From Straight No Chaser to Sweet Honey in the Rock. ( I love Sweet Honey.)

This blew us both away.


kmkat said...

That was Vocal Essence! In Orchestra Hall in Minneapolis! And the St. Olaf Choir! (I seem to have used up my annual allotment of !)

St. Olaf is a small Lutheran liberal arts college about 40 miles south of the Twin Cities, in Northfield MN. It has the traditional liberal arts curriculum plus some sciences and is outstanding and widely known for two of its programs, music and nursing. (My husband, not at all musically talented, graduated from Olaf with a BS in nursing.) The St. Olaf choir is so good it goes on world tours. I couldn't have told you exactly what Vocal Essence was, but I recognized the name because they are played frequently on MN public radio. And I have attended numerous concerts at Orchestra Hall over the years; #2 son sang in a city-wide youth choir there once.

Bullwinkle said...

O.k. Nice. (Very Nice actually.) But not my thing. (What are the chickens doing???)