Monday, July 19, 2010

No lambikins yet, and an epic fail at a Venn Diagram

Still watching Miss Goldie. Udder slowly filling, but no other signs, yet. According to the experts, when the time is close, she'll start wanting to be by herself, pawing the ground in a nest-building effort, and probably lose her appetite. (Madman remains to be convinced on that last one, since she has always spent most of her day trying to convince the world that no one EVER feeds her...)

As for the Venn Diagram, I explored the googles looking for a way to make one, but didn't have much luck. Nothing quite worked. Apparently there are all kinds of ways to make one using Word and Excel (neither of which I have, anyway) which aren't really useful for this format, and the online ones let me print, but not save to the blog.

So, like everything else in my life, I'm just going to wing it.

Here's the deal. If you belong to the subset consisting of the intersection of the following sets, you're going to have to close this post immediately. Do not pass Go, do not collect $200, do not peek.

A. You live in Florida.
B. You are directly related to me by birth or marriage.
C. Your last name starts with the letter "C".
D. You want to be surprised when a 3-yr-old opens his birthday present.

Feel free to draw your own Venn Diagram.

/whistling and waiting...

/still waiting...

Are they gone?


For the rest of the Universe, who are not included in that subset, check out what I made:

Yeah, we're big fans of Wallace and Gromit. And Shaun the Sheep, of course...

By the way, it's very difficult to take a picture of your own hand while wearing a hand puppet.

As a matter of fact, it's very difficult to take a picture of anything while wearing a hand puppet.


Diane said...

Those are freakin' adorable! Some 3 year old is going to think they're smashing!

....still madly knitting booties.

Laurie said...

Truly, remarkably entertaining post! Goldie...Gromits...grousing....I loved it all.

Bullwinkle said...


(Translation: omg that was a fun post and I love the puppet!!!)

kate said...


Joansie said...

Absolutely adorable puppet! Lucky child!

Stace said...

Gorgeous!!!! What a great puppet...I wish I'd had one when I was young! LOL
When my sheep lambed the only indication I had was their udder. None of them went off feed (Give up lunch?!?!!? Are you NUTS!), none of them went off by themselves (possibly because I isolated a couple of them before they lambed because of the size of their udder and their "pinkness" and puffiness in their nether regions). The last lamb born was born in the middle of the stall with all the other sheep looking on and cheering LOL. Between 3 a.m and 6 a.m. seem to be the peak hours they like to drop lambs least it was for my sheep.. :)

Erika said...

Ahhhhh so cute! Pattern?

Cookie said...

So freakin' cute!


Becky said...

What the heck is a Venn diagram? And how do you get a hand puppet out of it? My last name starts witha "C", BTW.

Anonymous said...

I need me a 3-yo stat so I can knit one o' them. Awesomely adorable! (Adorably awesome?)