Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Imaginary noises

The other night Madman nudged me awake.
"Psst, sweetie? You're snoring," he said.
"Wha?" I muzzily answered. I listened for a moment. "I don't hear anything..."
"Just roll over on your side and go back to sleep, please."
So I did.
Now we all know I am a delicate flower and couldn't possibly snore.
Frankly, I think he's imagining things.


Dorothy said...

My husband makes up things about me too.

Diane said...

He must have been dreaming....

Tiggywinkle Knits said...

ToolMan tells me the same thing. I tell him that no one else I slept with ever said that. Then he reminds me that he first started sleeping with me I didn't snore. Then I remind him that when he first started sleeping with me, we didn't sleep as much as we do now. Then he reminds me that we were more interested in something besides sleeping. Then we both forget what we were talking about, so we go to sleep. ;)

Rene A Mollor said...

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