Wednesday, July 28, 2010

All Goldie, all the time

In spinning news, I've been working on Goldie's fleece. For my Tour de Fleece project, I planned to spin the 2 lbs of fiber that I had washed and carded.
Fail. Epic fail, as a matter of fact. I finally got a 3rd bobbin spun the day the Tour ended, and started plying the day after.

I was aiming for a worsted weight, and for the first time ever, I may have gotten it. It might even be Aran weight, which is heavier than I wanted. Haven't done a wraps-per-inch measurement yet. It's definitely the biggest yarn I've ever spun. Since I usually accidentally end up with either laceweight or fingering, no matter what my goal, I'm happy with this. Now I just need to wash it and thwack it to see how it comes out.

And since it's not really all Goldie all the time, here's some purple beans I picked this morning.

They're really really pretty. But I hear that they turn green when cooked. What's the point of that?


Diane said...

Lovely spinning, it looks warm and cozy even from over here. I know what you mean about the beans though, why paint them purple if it's all going to come off in the wash:-/

How's the wee ram doing?

Bullwinkle said...

Tour do What? There was a spinning thing going on? Huh? (//lifts head, removes blinders ... blinks in the sunlight)

p.s. The point, when I first heard of them, was to get small nephews interested (and possibly consuming) beans. It didn't work. (But they still look cool!)

Cookie said...

You did not fail! Don't make me come over there, missy.

The spinning is lovely!

I think the point is that the purple beans are easier to see against the green leaves. I think.