Monday, May 3, 2010

Ain't we got fun!

Adventures in the Wild Kingdom continue.
Still feeding bunnies:Though sadly, the runt didn't make it, so we're down to five. But look! Their ears now look more like bunny ears and less like pig's ears! And their eyes are starting to open - just a peek now and then - and they're starting to walk/hop instead of just randomly flailing. (And here's a question - why, when we're trying to get a better grip, do they always spin to the left? All of them do this. Madman and I had both noticed it. Any vets/biologists/zoologists out there with an answer?)

And we're still buried in chicks. Our little Rhode Island Red hatchlings are looking tinier and tinier next to their behemoth cousins. (The RIR chick is in the upper left. Note that even standing, she is shorter than the sitting chick next to her...)

There's only a 2 day difference in their ages, but a 2 week difference in their development. Those Cornish cross chicks are genetic freaks monstrous mutations a hybrid that was specially developed to grow chicks to chickens in the most efficient way possible.

Our little guys just get lost in the crowd. (Here's our version of 'Where's Waldo' - there are three RIR chicks in that picture. See if you can spot them...)

And just because there's more to life than baby animals (or so they tell me), I'll be going to NH S&W on Saturday. Where I'll probably look at baby animals. (Though I may not coo over the baby rabbits as much as I have in previous years...)
Anyone else going?


Wanderingcatstudio said...

The bunnies are getting cuter and cuter!

Cookie said...

So freakin' cute!

Honey, they're fryers. They reason for living is to get big so they can be dinner.


sophanne said...

oy are those bunnies cute!

but my word verification is slymy so there's a reason for me to admire only from a distance.

Tiggywinkle Knits said...

OMG, those bunnies are cute enough to PLOTZ over! They look so pink and fuzzy and soft; ALMOST makes me want one of my own. But I think the Jack Russell wouldn't be quite as thrilled to share his house.

Anonymous said...

1. Every time you have posted photos of the baby bunnies, I have thought at first glance that they were fuzzy slippers.

B. They spin to the left because this is the northern hemisphere; in Australia and New Zealand and South Africa and Papua New Guinea they spin to the right.

iii. You're welcome ;-)

Bullwinkle said...

OMg those bunnies are cute! I wasn't expecting the similarity with a fuzzy stuffed toy.

Chicks chicks chicks. Good for the color difference or you'd really lose them in the crowd ;)

As for NHSW, how big is it? Maybe I can skip MD and go visit my sister next year. (Sure, maybe I could do both :) but lets not get greedy.)

Laurie said...

Selective breeding. Gotta love it.

(Love Cookie's comment.)

The bunnies are looking good. No such thing as 100% survival of anything, but I guess I don't have to tell YOU that.

Me too.

Pat said...

I am loving watching all your babies grow up!
I haven't made the final NH S&W call yet - I sure don't need any fleece/fiber/yarn, but maybe I'll come play anyway...

Anonymous said...

There's more to life then baby animals? Really, I don't believe it...

In my experience eventually the layers will be too much smaller to compete with the meat birds for food. But yours look like they're all getting along well!

I'll be at NH S&W on Saturday :-)

Joansie said...

Mother Nature sure is busy at your house!!!! :>)

Erika said...

Cornish X's are scary!

Here's my bunny theory: most animals are right-pawed, just like most people are right-handed. (This is true! Watch a cat reach for a toy, or a dog offer a paw to shake.)

To spin to the left, you push with the right paw. So I'm guessing it's because they're all right-pawed.