Thursday, May 14, 2009

Out my window

Look what I saw out my window this morning!
I had to take the pictures through the window. If I had gone out with the camera, the sheep would have started running in circles. They will tolerate one or the other of us, but feel threatened when we're both within sight.
So we have to take turns scritching our sheep... Odetta enjoys being petted and crooned to, but Goldie is still too skittish to get close. She stays a sheep's-length away, keeping Odetta between herself and the human. Any sudden moves, and she's off like a rocket to the other end of the pen.
And you can see from the grass that we'll have to be moving their pen this weekend. They're eating/trampling the grass right down to the dirt. If we keep moving the fence, they won't be overgrazing any particular spot. (Though it looks like we may have waited a little bit too long for this patch. It's all a learning curve.) Between the front yard, back yard, and up the hill by the woods, we have lots of places to move their pen.
I made a run to Tractor Supply this morning to buy fenceposts. We managed to scrounge some free fencing! Cheap is good, free is even better!!


Anna M said...

Great pictures! Always have a treat and they'll start running *towards* you I suspect. I know my horse used to follow me around like a dog because I almost always had an oatmeal raisin cookie for him *g*

Laurie said...

Goldie will come around. They sure eat grass fast.

amy said...

Aww, it's good you're taking it slow. Odetta looks like a sweetie and I agree that Goldie will come around.