Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Last Jury Draw

There! At least that's over with. I was selected for a jury that will sit on the 22nd, and then they can't bother me for 2 more years.
Wanna know how laid back we are in Vermont? I was allowed into the courtroom with this:
Why, yes, those are very sharp pointy metal sticks... (Size 1's, in fact!) They ran my little knitting bag through their big x-ray machine, and handed it right back to me.
I seriously thought they would draw the line on that bit of knitting!
So, while waiting to be called up for voir dire, I managed to get this much done on this slipper project:

though I think the upper right square may be pointing the wrong way. And since it's the second square, that involves ripping out two whole squares to fix it. I might decide I can live with it...

Odetta is definitely the Head Sheep around here. It might be because she has a badge:
and Goldie doesn't...

1 comment:

Laurie said...

Wrong direction? Eye of the beholder.

Heads sheeps are born not made.

See you tomorrow!