Saturday, May 9, 2009

I believe it's called Camnesia

Or being a dumbass. Maybe both...
I took a camera to NH S&W. I even took a couple of sets of extra batteries.
The only thing I didn't take was pictures.
Luckily I had a fabulous time, so memories will have to serve in lieu of pictures... I grabbed my fabulous MIL bright and early this morning, and we did the festival up right. I swear we looked at everything, fondled the fiber, patted the lambs, snogged the alpacas (just for you, AnnaMarie!), watched the sheepdogs, and enjoyed the hell out of all that was offered.
I met Gale (one of us spells her name wrong - guess which one?), and Judy (who is practically my neighbor when you consider the size of the planet.) I somehow managed to miss Norma, though. Rumor had it she was around somewhere, but apparently not wherever I was at any given moment. And I met Manise, though she pointed out that we had actually met at VT S&W last fall, but I was so excited that day that my brains fell out of my head and, what with the general dizziness and drooling, I didn't remember at all...
And Laurie and I finally caught up with each other, with Judy's help. (Thanks, Judy!) We got to have a nice visit, chatting about knitting and spinning, showing off our newly acquired treasures, and she had lots of good advice for me in my continuing struggle to quit smoking. (She's a wise one, my Laurie!)
Every festival, it seems, is the best one ever - and I think this one left all previous ones in the dust. My brain is brimming over with new ideas sparked by all the wonders I saw today, I've got a new sock book (my dad is so getting the piggie socks for Christmas this year...), and my spirit is refreshed by talking to friends old and new.
Best. Festival. Ever.


Norma said...

OK, now, that's JUST NOT RIGHT. How did we miss seeing each other? Actually, we didn't even go in all the barns this year -- we just enjoyed ourselves at our own little pace and none of us wanted to buy much. But still, how did I miss you????? You didn't get to see the red sweater in person! Everybody said I was totally rockin' the sweater. :D

pacalaga said...

Wow, tres fun!

Laurie said...

I don't think camnesia is all that unusual. Yes, you missed Norma in that wonderful sweater.

Excellent to see you!

Maia said...

Glad you had a good time! Nothing beats a fiber fest and fibery friends!

We all suffer from camnesia. I know I do.