Sunday, May 24, 2009

Grand experiments in Kinnearing sheep

Silly me. We've finally gotten Odetta, at least, to accept the fact that we're actually friendly creatures who bring food, and scruff behind her ears, and don't necessarily eat unsuspecting sheep. So, when I got home from work today (and yes, I do have to work Memorial Day Weekend. The joys of retail...), I took the camera out to get a few close up pictures of the girls. I was especially hoping to get a pic of Odetta giving me kisses. (She's a real licker, that one. I have to be sure and keep my mouth closed, since kisses from a sheep are one thing, but French kisses from a sheep are entirely another...)

Who knew that sheep would be afraid of the camera?

Instead of running up to me (and the cup of feed I was carrying...), they ran to the other end of the pen and stared. And stared. Suspiciously. That little silver rectangle was a Scary Damn Thing.
Aha! I thought. Kinnearing. I tried hiding the camera with my left hand, while extending the sheep pellets with my right. Shaking the cup and crooning finally tempted Odetta over me, but that camera makes a little tiny whispery click that spooked her before the 'shutter' actually took a picture. I got this:

No sheep.
I tried again. This Kinnearing is harder than it looks...

A lot harder than it looks...

This was the best one I got:

And this one.

I finally gave up, got out of the pen, and tried a few more conventional shots. Goldie got brave and came to eat some grain, but Odetta was still suspicious...

Finally. But as soon as the camera clicked for this shot, they bolted for the far end of the pen again.



Norma said...

So funny. So if they are like Pavlov's dogs, you should be clicking the shutter all the time you are offering them treats, right? Then they will be all OVER your camera after a time. Heh. XO

Diane said...

Actually I think those are pretty good kinnearing shots -- although I would like to see the sheep kisses!