Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Perfect Day - except for the shoe-shopping

I hate shoes. I hate wearing shoes, I hate looking at shoes, I hate shopping for shoes, I hate even thinking about shoes long enough to type this sentence.
I have short wide feet with a high arch and a high instep. The shoebox fits my foot better than the shoe. Shoe shopping involves trying on an excruciating number of shoes, looking for just one pair that doesn't make me walk with a limp. To make matters worse, my feet are slightly different from each other as a result of a horse tromping on one of them when I was a teenager. So, just because I find a shoe that fits my left foot, it doesn't necessarily follow that its mate will fit my right.
So I buy as few shoes as possible, and wear them until they're dead. Since the pair I wear to work every day had reached the point where there was no tread left and the uppers were falling apart, I had to bite the bullet and replace them.
Mission accomplished. After trying on umpty-two pairs, growling up and down the aisle, I have a new pair of shoes. I don't have to think about shoes again until these fall apart. *whew*

Now, I say all this in order to illustrate how the rest of my day more than made up for this level of misery.
I had lunch with my favorite Princess! Live and in person! And meeting her was even better than I had hoped - and my expectations were pretty damned high, I tell ya. She's even more fun in person than she is in print. I think we must have warped the space-time continuum in order to fit all the conversation into the actual time we spent together. I'm very happy she came home to Vermont.
Next time we get together, I'm bringing my wheel. If we can fit in all that talking, imagine how much spinning I could get done!


Joansie said...

I also hate shopping for shoes. I have the same issues as you except my feet are longer (and I limp from a serious leg injury long ago). So, I finally purchased a pair of Danskos ($$$)about 3 years ago and they are all I wear or want to wear. They wear like steel.

Glad you had a great time with your friend.

Anna M said...

Thanks! I had a fabulous time too! Will blog about it and the presents tomorrow. I also hate shoe shopping, huge feet, high arch. Danskos and Borns, that's where it's at!

Here's how I'll get you up here:

Live in that house, build another, then rent it out for income!

Anna M said...

Crud, link doesn't work. I'll email it to you.

norma said...

And there I thought *I* had problems with shoes -- I have a high arch, narrow heels, and nothing fits me right. Well, not nothing. The one pair of Ariat paddock boots I bought umpty-one years ago that they no longer make? They work great for three seasons of the year. After that, all bets are off. And when they die, I don't know what I'm going to do....