Saturday, October 13, 2018

October Green

It feels a bit funny to be hauling out greens in October, when the world outside is trying very hard to be not-green as fall erupts around us.
But green is always a happy choice to play with, so I made up a block for the Squared Away sampler.  (Have I mentioned how much I've enjoyed these blocks?  Every one of them is tempting me to make a whole quilt out of them.)

When I added this one to the Squared Away stack, I remembered that I hadn't made the blue block for September, so I pulled out my notebook where I keep a record of the patterns.  (I can't get wifi in either of my studios, so I have to transport information the old-fashioned way.)

Well, that explains why I haven't done the September block.  I'll have to revert to an even more old-fashioned way and scrawl the pattern on the back of an envelope...

In the meantime, in between my log-cabin-building efforts, I'm still putt-putting along with my demented project.  I sew HSTs until I'm sick of them, then sew together those little four-patch butterflies until I'm sick of them, then I switch to sewing a light butterfly to a dark butterfly to form a half block until - well, you get the picture.

And when I have a sizable stack of half blocks, I finally start sewing them together to make more full blocks.

And when I get tired of that, I go back to HSTs.  Little by little, the stack grows.  (The fact that I'm spinning every one of those seam intersections as I go helps contribute to the tedium factor.  I know it's making everything easier to sew together, but wowzers it's a pain in the butt.)

When I get to where the count is over 200 (out of the 256 I need) I think I'll start sewing these blocks together into sets of four.  Just to break things up, of course.  (By that time, the seam spinning will be epic.)
I can do this, yes I can.

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Friday, October 12, 2018

Logs and more logs, and loony every one

Still loonily logging away here.

Sometimes I zig -

and sometimes I zag.

Frankly at this point I have no idea how many little loggy cuties I have now.  I've given up counting them, because what's the point?

I just seem to keep cutting more logs to add to the fire pile.  Accidentally, of course.

You know what I mean.

Linking with Julie for Log Cabin Loonies.  (I'm late, but I was busy making logs and lost tack of time...)

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Against all odds

Hey, look!  Finally a post!  There are lots of pictures, too, since I've been sewing a bit here and there.
Last month I inventoried my Centennial stars and decided to make purple ones for September instead of dark blue.  (I had lots of blue stars that I made last year, but only one purple.)
And as long as I was playing with purple, I might as well play with pink, too, right?

And that cleared the way to make some green stars for October

 And as long as I was on such a roll, another pink and a yellow/gold showed up with the last two greens.

Inventory time again.

I'm not done yet since I really like making these, and they're only 6" blocks, so it's going to take quite a few to make a good-sized quilt. 

Next I turned my attention to my Jacks blocks - another block I really enjoy making.

And where there are Jacks, there are buckeyes, since I usually make them in tandem.

When I first fell in love with these little cuties, they were set in a quilt like this -

and that's how I'd intended to use them when I'd accumulated the hundreds that I'd need.  (4" blocks.  Hundreds might be optimistic...)
But after seeing Bonnie's leader/ender  Jewel Box Stars this year,

I'm kind of tempted to set them like that.  I've got lots of time to decide, since I'm nowhere near having a lot of these yet.

When I put away the Jacks and Buckeyes (and you'll notice that they even share a bin - they really are linked in my brain!), I decided I might as well count them up, too, as long as I was in a counting kind of mood.

And a good thing it was, too, since I found a few wanderers hiding in amongst the Jacks.

A 4" broken dishes block.

Two little red chicks that should be in the Cluckers bin.

And a pinwheel and a Hope of Hartford block.  The pinwheel belongs in the pinwheel bin, of course, but the Hope of Hartford doesn't have a home.  (It's a block I auditioned for RSC a couple of years ago.  Looking at it now, I'm tempted to start cutting a bunch more...)

And the real surprise was these five itty bitty kaleidoscopes that I'd completely forgotten about.

Good thing I got my Kaleidoscope Shot so I don't come down with THAT infection again.  Maybe I should make these up into potholders or something so I'm safe from starting a quilt.  (I wouldn't actually need that many more to make just a tiny little quilt though, right?  Maybe a couple of blues and another orange or two...)

Uh oh.  I'd better hurry up and link to SoScrappy for ScrapHappy Saturday and Quilting is more fun than Housework for Oh Scrap before I do something I regret...  Come see all the scrappy fun!