Sunday, November 12, 2017

Jacks and Nines and Split Rail Fences

Despite my plans to get some more RSC sewing done this week, I got precious little accomplished.

This Jacks and Sixes block is all I have to show for this month's dark neutrals.  At least it's a friendly block - check out that cheery 'hi' in the center.

I did get a few more nine patches assembled for the cornerstones of my Burgoyne Surrounded quilt.   At some point I need to figure out how many I need, but since there's no such thing as too many nine patches, I'm not too worried about it.

And in the general category of projects I'm not starting, these split rail fence blocks appeared.  This is Bonnie Hunter's newest leader/ender SAL, and I've been intrigued by the blocks since she first suggested them.

I had tried to stay focused on sewing the checkerboards together in the same way, but look at the one on the left.  I was kicking myself and looking ahead to a session with the seam ripper.
But wait...

When I set the blocks next to each other to see how they'd look, this is how they'd look:


So, I grabbed that 'wrong' block and tried it instead.

That's better.  And good to know this early in the game.  Imagine if I was months down the road with a couple hundred identical blocks.
You would have been able to hear the swearing from orbit, I'll bet.

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Sunday, November 5, 2017

It's been quite a week. Or two.

Time has a way of getting away from me, it seems.  I just realized I haven't posted in almost forever...
Not much happened in the RSC realm.  I was much busier doing some costume sewing than I was piecing quilt blocks.
Like this:

(I had to chop off my son-in-law's head to show you that picture...)  (It'll grow back, I'm sure)

That project all started when I said, a couple of months ago, "I've always wanted to make a pirate coat, but didn't have anyone to make it for."  At which point my daughter pointed at her husband as he raised his hand.
But the pirate coat morphed into a colonial coat, as we all fell in love with Hamilton.  We found a pattern for a pirate coat, which I modified the dickens out of in order to make this green linen coat.  The pattern had decorative pocket flaps, but no actual pockets (that HAD to be fixed!), and was unlined.  I added the pockets and a full lining, learning how to do a bagged lining in the process.  (Note- if you do it wrong, you end up with a klein bottle instead of a coat.  That'll teach me to think I remembered the video instructions a couple of months after viewing it...)  I also added the collar and front trim, and modified the cuffs to something less pirate-y.  I finished sewing on the twenty-eight (28!!!) buttons the day before the costume party it was crying to be worn to.  And hey, look!  I actually finished something!

Then I headed for home, and it rained for a week.  Normally this wouldn't be a problem, but my car, which had been parked in the dooryard at home for the 6+ weeks I'd been gone, apparently decided I was never coming back.  It threw such a snit-fit that both the battery and one of the tires were flat.  Since I didn't really want to deal with either of those issues in the rain/drizzle/rain, I had to wait it out.
Finally.   Battery charged, tire pumped back up, all my sewing luggage packed up to head down to the studio.  Yay!

So, now my machine is set back up, I've spent some time organizing and getting ready for serious sewing again.  Four patch blocks, nine patches for Burgoyne cornerstones, and RSC blocks, here I come!  (Oh, and it occurs to me that there's a major gift-giving holiday coming up that I might want to do something about.) 

I even got fabric pulled for Bonnie Hunter's new mystery quilt "On Ringo Lake," which will be starting later this month.

I had plenty of aquas on hand, since it's in the range I'm using for my Storm-at-Sea/Sea-of-Tranquility quilt.

I had more coral/melon than I thought I did, since it falls in that pinkish-orange/orangish-pink valley.  More than once, I've bought something that I thought was orange or pink, but turned out to be neither.

And browns aren't a problem at all.  I'd been collecting them for my 365 Challenge quilt (blue/red/brown color scheme) (which I'm still months (and now years!) behind on), so I've got lots.  (I may or may not keep that bacon fabric in with my browns.  For now, it amuses me to see it in the stack.) 

I had intended to change colors this year if I did the mystery again, but since this is a grouping that I normally wouldn't work with, I'm going to go ahead and roll with her colors.

Life is all about the challenges, right?

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