Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Before anyone sends out a search party...

I've had a couple of emails asking if I was okay - thanks, and yes!  I've just had a perfect storm of visiting family, viciously cold weather, and a non-functional car, so my attention has been diverted from important stuff like quilting and knitting and blogging.  8)
The car is still ignoring me when I turn the key (I've got an extension cord on the way so I can use my battery charger.  Drat being parked too far from an outlet.), but the weather has finally warmed up enough that walking down to my studio isn't a prelude to frostbite.

While the kids were here for the weekend, we auditioned the greens I'd ordered.  (Yes!  The UPS man turned up!)
One of them was an immediate 'no' - way too grassy green.  It's attractive, but totally wrong for this project.
But one was just perfect.

(Ignore my knees in that picture...)
It's a perfect match for one of the colors in the sashing.

Daughter, Son-in-law, and I all agreed it was just the thing for the border.  Yay!

 I also really liked the third color, which is actually greener than this next photo makes it appear.

 Maybe it'll turn up as the binding?

Ah, the binding.  Another thing to dither about.  Is it too soon to start?

I tried to make up for lost time in other projects, too.  A couple of 365 Challenge blocks:

 A couple more Chantal's Pinwheels:

 And for Turid, I made a Wonky Star in RSC colors:

(She's now making piglets!  There have been piglet sightings in Norway and Australia.  Will 2016 be the Year of the Piglet?)  (I hope so!)
And somehow I ended up making some more brown kaleidoscopes.

I swear I don't know how it happens.  One minute I'm cutting strips of fabric, and the next thing I know I've got that ruler in my hand and all these triangles are appearing.

So now I've got 7 blue/violet blocks and 8 brown/pink blocks.
I may have to find a better hiding place for the ruler...

And you know there had to be another piglet, right?

Yeah, another piglet.
Another ridiculously adorable piglet.

If I start making kaleidoscope piglets, someone will stop me, right?


SandraC said...

Uh oh, these little piggies are starting to call my name. I really don't need another project.....but just in case, is there a pattern available somewhere?

Sally T said...

I'm so glad you're back in your studio making magic. A kaleidoscope pig....hmmm....

Cynthia Brunz Designs said...

That green fabric is perfect! I am really looking forward to seeing your twinkle quilt top all put together.

kmkat said...

Your knees are perfectly adorable.

Chantal L. said...

Well I don't think you could have picked a better fabric than that for the border even if you had went into the store! So perfect. Great job. Sightings of piglets around the world? 2016 the year of the piglet? You will get the Chinese Horoscope all mixed up lol. But if you make a kaleidoscope piglet, don't expect ME to stop you! hehehe! ;^)

Libby in TN said...

Always a joy to hear from you! The border choice is absolutely perfect.

Mystic Quilter said...

Great choice of green there and loving those stars!

Vic in NH said...

ahh, the perfect green! I loved the tale of the Kaleidoscope blocks just happening to you. I swear that I bought that ruler once, but mine is still lost. Do you sew triangles onto their 4 corners to make them square? The pig's the bomb. What about right facing pigs? Or is that politically incorrect?

tubakk said...

Many beautiful blocks to look at here, but your piglet is just darling.

LA Paylor said...

brown piglet!
Bring the car into the house, SO much easier to charge that way. LeeAnna

Kate said...

The green is a great match to the sashing and the other green makes a great binding. Hope you get your car back into operation and then have more time to stitch.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

That green border is perfect - well worth the wait.