Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Thank you, Bonnie, because I clearly don't have enough projects already started.

So, the other day Bonnie Hunter ran the Official Trailer for her next Mystery Quilt.  I'd been on the fence about whether to participate or not (it would be my first), and then she flashed the colors.
Red, gold, black, gray, and buckets of neutrals.
Oh, my.
Color me enthused!  The only color scheme that could have sucked me in any harder would be...  um...  Well, I can't think of anything right now, but if it occurs to me, I'll be sure to share with y'all.
I started pulling colors, to see what I had and what I'd need.
Golds are looking better than I would have thought.

Though most of them are darker in real life.  And I think I've still got a couple more somewhere.  Maybe.

Black?  Not so good.  I've got a few more than these, but not a lot.  But that's okay, since I've been planning to build up my stock in black anyway, inspired by what several quilters have been doing with black and white prints.

And red?  I definitely need reds.  I'd added a few since I discovered my woeful lack of red for RSC, but I still don't have a lot.  (And, as I discovered when I stared poking through them today, most of my reds involve either Christmas or cows.)  (Moo.)

And who doesn't need more neutrals?  Ever?

So, I've got enough to start the mystery, and the gaps I have are ones I had planned to fill anyway.

I think it's fate.  Clearly.
Sign me up.


Chantal L. said...

WooHoo! Gayle's on a new trail. I have never participate in Bonnie's Mysteries. I think she does wonderful quilt designs but the gazillions of pieces is not exactly my cup of tea at this time. But, I will be checking in to see your progress for sure. Enjoy! ;^)

audrey said...

Lol That's the way it always works. These new projects derail us every time.:)

Cathy said...

I like the colors she picked this year. I participated in two of her mysteries and then decided I didn't like having quilts that looked like everyone else's quilts in blog land.

Have fun!