Monday, November 28, 2011

You say you want a resolution

We-eell you kno-o-ow, we all want to knit a sock...  (Sorry.  Channeling old Beatles songs lately.  It's either a function of my age, or some sort of mental protest against all the "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree" that's already spring up.  Grrr.)

So, the gusset has resolved.  (Which is where all that resolution came from.)  (Again, sorry.)  I like the stronger lines I got by working it this way.

Double-knitting, for me, seems to involve a lot of mental chanting.  "Green/black-green/black, black/green-black/green".  Over and over, in various combinations.  It's the only way I've found to keep going without getting hopelessly confused. 
Makes it a little hard to have a conversation, though...  "Hey, sweetie, green-black, I stopped green-black at Agway black-green this black-green morning and green-black they had green-black a new black-green kind of black-green chicken feed."


kmkat said...

The sock is monumentally marvelous. Sorry, but that's what my brain came up with, once it had regained the power of words. Are you going to write up the pattern? It is worth the usual $4 - 6 that patterns go for on Ravelry.

OfTroy said...

There is another way to do double knitting? A way with out internally (or sometimes out loud) chanting (green black, green black, black green black green)?

The sock is incredible--I love double knitting--but i know i'll never do a sock (i've thought of a hunters vest--one side 90% safety orange, the other side with maple leaves on a brown back ground--)but i don't know any hunters (well, i do know friends who's husbands/partners hunt--but I think i would want a lot more venison then the husbands/partners would be willing to part with for such a vest!) I think it would be interesting/practical.

But sock! amazing!

Pat said...

LOVE that gusset!!!

Dorothy said...

Monumentally marvelous is right! They are stunning. When hubby asks me a question when I'm color knitting, my response is often, "1, 3, 1, 3, 5, 3, 1, 3,1 " or something to that effect.

Bullwinkle said...

I have no words. I am still stunned at the idea of a double knit sock. Then at the color work. And finally at an amazingly executed gusset.

My brain is so scramble it does not find words - let alone speak and do these knitterly things as you have done.

p.s. Yup. Still catching up :)